3 Ways Your Central Air Conditioner Boosts Business Productivity

A Central Air Conditioner Can Boosts Business Productivity.Want a simple way to boost employee productivity (and comfort)? Look no further than the central air conditioner. Did you know that your HVAC can make a big difference in both employee comfort levels and efficiency at work?

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” Paul Meyer

Let’s be honest, no one wants to feel hot and humid at work (your staff sure doesn’t). Besides being uncomfortable, the heat can make employees feel sluggish resulting in an unproductive shift. Here are just a few ways that having the right central air conditioner (and one that’s well-maintained) in your office can make a big difference in the work day.

Create a Healthy and Happy Environment

Many occupational health reports state that a majority of adults in the United States spend an average of 40 hours per week in an office setting and approximately 90% of their overall time inside. Therefore, the quality of your indoor air is important not only for workers’ comfort but also for their health and happiness.

“Happiness inspires productivity.” Shawn Achor

The air inside can have five times more pollution than outdoor air and poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been tied to frustrating symptoms like headaches, tiredness, trouble staying focused, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Many factors can affect IAQ including poor ventilation, temperature control problems, humidity that’s too high or too low and construction contaminants.

“Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” Hippocrates

Keeping this in mind, it is crucial to protect and improve indoor working environment and air quality. But how?

Schedule regular preventative maintenance, seal window units and ensure filters are cleaned or replaced regularly. (When filters are dirty they don’t stop allergens, pesticides and other outside irritants from entering your home).

Improve Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings consume a significant proportion of the world’s total energy supply; studies show by as approximately 12%. The HVAC can account for 40-60% of a building’s energy usage and as businesses are often confronted with rising energy costs and concerns, energy efficiency improvements in become more enticing.

High-efficiency central air conditioning units today don’t just meet building efficiency standards, but they are now built with more energy savings features and the capacity to accommodate varying HVAC loads. And to keep the savings going strong in the future ahead, regular maintenance, repairs and replacement of HVAC equipment will help to provide a comfortable working environment for all individuals.

Save Money with Central Air Conditioner Maintenance from Point Bay Fuel

Reduce the risk of employee illness, improve productivity and air quality simply by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance and making it a high priority. Routine checkups will reveal if any of the central air conditioning or heating systems requires repairs, new parts or the need for a new, more efficient unit. Also, consider installing a zone air conditioning system which is specifically designed to provide the ultimate comfort and energy savings benefits.

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