Case Studies

As the saying goes, "The proof is in the pudding"! There is no better way to make informed decisions about your home's heating and cooling systems than to check out some of the work that we have performed. This page contains a compilation of projects that Point Bay Fuel has performed in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, NJ. We encourage you to browse through these case studies and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Gas Boiler Replacement Toms River NJ

Gas Combi-Boiler Replacement Toms River NJ

Problem: In Toms River, NJ, the Coyle family's old gas boiler often failed, and a blocked masonry chimney added safety concerns, signaling an immediate need for system improvements.

Solution: Point Bay Fuel responded by installing a Navien NCB240/110H Combi unit for the Coyles, seamlessly replacing their outdated boiler and water heater, guaranteeing steady warmth and dependable hot water.

oil boiler installation howell nj

Oil Boiler Upgrade In Howell NJ

Problem: The Howell, NJ homeowner suddenly found themselves without heat in the midst of a cold New Jersey winter. Their 4000-pound, 60-year-old boiler cracked and could no longer produce any heat. It’s dangerous to go without heat for too long during the winter, so the homeowner immediately contacted Point Bay Fuel to request our expert assistance.

Solution: HVAC specialist Kevin Mitchell visited their home, met with the homeowners, and provided a number of effective options to solve their heating crisis. The homeowners chose a highly-efficient Energy Kinetics oil-fired boiler to upgrade and overhaul their broken heating system. Our expert specialists were also able to revive a few of their radiators that had stopped working years ago during the installation.

oil to gas conversion neptune nj

Gas Boiler Upgrade in Neptune NJ

Problem: The Vitale family decided to replace their inefficient and undependable 40-year-old boiler. While they were at it, they chose to convert to natural gas as well. They contacted Point Bay Fuel for a consultation to learn more about their options.

Solution: Our team member Kevin Mitchell met with the Vitale family to discuss their upgrade options. He presented a number of different choices, but they ultimately went with the 95% efficient Navien Combi boiler. Our expert technicians, Frank, Fran, and Braeden, did a fantastic job while converting their home to natural gas and installing the new gas boiler. The homeowner was very happy with their overall performance.

oil boiler replacement brick nj

Oil Boiler Installation In Brick NJ

Problem: The Hoey residence no longer received adequate hot water from its Peerless oil boiler. It was no longer operating at peak efficiency, so the oil bills were becoming incredibly expensive. The homeowners decided that it was time to upgrade their Combi boiler to a more energy-efficient model.

Solution: Kevin Mitchell, a specialist working at Point Bay Fuel, provided the homeowners with a few recommendations. They ultimately chose the Energy Kinetics EK1T Combi Boiler, which perfectly aligned with their needs. This unit is highly efficient and features very quiet operation, an important factor since their utility room is right next to their kitchen.

neptune nj gas boiler installation

Gas Boiler Replacement Neptune NJ

Problem: The Beeler family suddenly realized that their old oil-fired boiler had a large crack in it, and it was no longer capable of heating their home. Their old boiler was 56 years old and incredibly inefficient, and very outdated. This situation provided them with the perfect opportunity to upgrade their heating system from oil to gas heat, which is exactly what we did.

Solution: The Beeler family called Point Bay Fuel to learn more about their options. We sent Kevin Mitchell to visit their home and assess the situation. He provided several recommendations, and the homeowner eventually chose a 95% efficient Navien Combi boiler to provide their hot water and heat.

gas boiler installation beachwood nj

Gas Boiler Installation Beachwood NJ

Problem: The Biondi family recognized that they had a very old and inefficient American Standard boiler that needed to be replaced soon before it broke down on them completely. Not only did they decide to replace their boiler, but they also chose to convert from oil to natural gas heat. They needed someone to help them with this transition, so naturally, they called Point Bay Fuel and asked for our help.

Solution: Expert HVAC specialist Kevin Mitchell visited their home, made his assessments, and provided an array of recommendations for the homeowner to consider. They chose to make the conversion from oil to natural gas and decided to install a Navien 95% Combi boiler/hot water heater to meet their heat and hot water needs.

oil to gas conversion brick nj

Gas Conversion & Boiler Install Brick NJ

Problem: The Wissen family wanted to convert their heating system from oil to natural gas. They originally began working with a contractor other than Point Bay Fuel, but quickly ran into problems with their first contractor. They called us at Point Bay Fuel to schedule a second opinion. Our expert HVAC technician Kevin Mitchell visited their home to assess the situation and provide expert guidance along the way.

Solution: Kevin presented the Wissen family with a few different options for highly efficient natural gas Combi boilers. They chose a Bradford white high-efficiency Combi boiler, which has a 95% AFUE rating. This combination boiler and hot water heater far surpasses their needs and efficiently burns natural gas with very little waste, cutting down on their heating expenses dramatically.

hvac replacement leakewood nj

Gas Conversion & HVAC Install Lakewood NJ

Problem: The Marron family lost their air-conditioner in the middle of a very hot summer. They also wanted to upgrade their home with oil to gas conversion. They decided to kill two birds with one stone and take care of both problems at the same time.

Solution: They contacted Point Bay Fuel to help them upgrade their equipment in their Lakewood NJ home. We sent expert technician Kevin Mitchell to assess the situation and come up with valid solutions. He learned that it was possible to install a 95% furnace, which the homeowner wanted, and a high-efficiency air conditioner, so he recommended Fujitsu products that perfectly met the homeowner’s needs.

hvac upgrade toms river nj

HVAC Upgrade in Toms River

Problem: The Beeh family purchased a brand-new home within an inefficient heating and air-conditioning system. It was nearing the end of its lifecycle, and operating at very inefficient levels, so they decided to replace it with an upgraded high-efficiency model.

Solution: The homeowners contacted Point Bay Fuel for an assessment because they wanted to learn more about their options for improvement. Kevin Mitchell recommended a number of different heating and air-conditioning systems while providing pros and cons for each choice. They chose a new natural gas furnace and high-efficiency air conditioner to replace their old, outdated, and inefficient unit.

gas heater installation manasquan nj

Gas Heater Install Manasquan, NJ

Problem: The O’Connell family recognized that winter was right around the corner, and they needed to upgrade their old and inefficient model with a brand-new, highly efficient option. They scheduled a consultation with Point Bay Fuel, and our expert technician Kevin Mitchell visited their home to assess their heating needs.

Solution: Our technician Mitchell recommended upgrading their heating system with a highly efficient natural gas combi boiler. This boiler helped solve two problems for the O’Connell family. It allowed them to switch to natural gas, which is more inexpensive than their current heating fuel, and it let them upgrade to a fuel-saving boiler that operates at peak efficiency.

brielle nj oil to gas conversion

Oil To Gas Conversion Brielle NJ

Problem: The Honecker family determined that their old and outdated oil-fired boiler was no longer operating up to snuff. It just wasn’t working efficiently any longer, and it was beginning to break down on occasion. They decided it was time to install a new high-efficiency boiler in their home.

Solution: Point Bay Fuel sent expert HVAC technician Kevin Mitchell over to their home to assess the situation, recommend specific boilers for replacements, and answer any and all questions and concerns that the Honeckers might have. They chose the Navien NHB110 high-efficiency boiler to replace their old heating system, and the family couldn’t be happier. We installed it in October, and they love the silent operation and energy efficiency. Plus, they qualified for 0% financing for seven years and received rebates from the Save Green Project.

toms river nj hvac upgrade

HVAC Installation Project in Toms River, NJ

Problem: The Ende family needed to replace their burned-out air-conditioner, and their heating system was steadily approaching the end of its lifecycle. Since they aren’t heating and air-conditioning experts, they decided to reach out and ask for help with their pressing issues.

Solution: They contacted Point Bay Fuel and asked us to assess their situation. Our expert Kevin Mitchell visited their home, made an assessment, and provided recommendations for various heating and air-conditioning options to choose from. The Ende’s chose an ultra-high efficiency HVAC system with a backup Bosch furnace for additional support, which we gladly installed on their behalf.

oil boiler replacement brielle new jersey

Brielle NJ Boiler Replacement

Problem: The Meise household recognized signs that they needed a new oil boiler, including poor air quality within their home. Plus, their oil boiler was old and outdated and needed to be repaired or replaced sooner rather than later.

Solution: The homeowner contacted Point Bay Fuel and we sent our expert technician Kevin Mitchell to perform an assessment. He determined that the current boiler in their Sears Roebuck home wasn’t repairable, so it needed to be replaced. HVAC tech Mitchell performed an oil boiler replacement and installed a direct vent using the polypropylene pipe to bypass their compromised chimney while removing dangerous gases from the home.

heating and air conditioning installation by hvac contractor bayville nj

HVAC Contractor Bayville NJ

Problem: The Guevara family had a noisy and undependable furnace that was well past its prime. They also had an outdated air-conditioner that used R22 refrigerant, which is no longer in use, and a badly oxidized coil. They contacted Point Bay Fuel to discuss the problem and provide the best possible solution to meet their needs.

Solution: Point Bay Fuel installed a brand-new air conditioner and furnace, both manufactured by Air Temp. The Guevara family now has a reliable, quiet, and efficient heating and air-conditioning system.

Brick NJ Furnace Tune Up

Brick NJ Furnace Tune-Up

Problem: Point Bay Fuel was called into this Brick NJ home to conduct an annual heating system tune-up. Yet, when our technician inspected the unit, he discovered that the furnace had a cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger needed to be replaced.

Solution: We were able to replace the heat exchanger and get the furnace back in operating condition. This saved the homeowner from having to invest in a new heating system.

Granby oil tank Installation in Jackson New Jersey

Jackson, NJ Heating Oil Tank Installation

Problem: The homeowners noticed that their above ground oil tank was rusting. They wanted to replace it before further problems occurred.

Solution: We installed a Granby double bottom oil tank in their home. The homeowners can now rely on their new oil tank to keep them safe and avoid any heating oil leaks at their home.

ac replacement spring lake nj

Spring Lake Air Conditioning System Replacement

Problem: After seeing a brochure in our office that informed consumers about the R-22 phase out, the homeowner decided to replace their air conditioner because it used this type of refrigerant. Due to the AC unit’s age, it was on its last leg anyhow.

Solution: We replaced the homeowner’s air conditioner with a new American Standard condenser and air handler which operates on the more environmentally friendly refrigerant, R-410A. In addition to the homeowner getting an AC system that is more eco-friendly, they will also get an air conditioner that is far more energy efficient.

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