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NJ Natural Gas Conversion

Get all of the facts regarding a heating system conversion from fuel oil to natural gas prior to making the commitment.

Yes, Point Bay Fuel is an oil delivery company, HOWEVER, we also install, service and maintain gas heating systems. Whatever your ultimate decision is, we want to be your service company!

Before you make the decision to convert from oil heat to another fuel source there are some important facts you need to know.

Point Bay has experts to help you understand the costs and consequences of that decision. Make sure to make us your first call!

  • Have you been told you need to convert your oil heat system to natural gas to sell your home?
  • Have you heard oil heat is dirty and old fashioned?
  • Has someone suggested you'll save money?

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. There are a lot of misconceptions out there fueled by slick advertising put out by alternate energy providers.

New oil heat furnaces are state-of-the-art and will heat your home with efficiency approaching 90% or more.

Before you make a decision you might regret...

Call to discuss your individual circumstances, home heating needs and budget.

NJ Natural Gas Conversion is an extremely expensive process. It is almost always more cost effective to upgrade your existing system.

Most people who convert to natural gas regret their decision. Why?

  • After all of the time, money and aggravation, they are simply not as warm. Oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas with no soot or odor. The house heats up faster and you use less fuel to feel warmer.
  • The fear of gas explosions. Oil unlike gasoline, will not ignite in its liquid form. If you were to drop a lit match into oil it would extinguish, unlike gasoline and natural gas, which would explode.
  • Point Bay keeps heating oil prices low through good old fashioned competition. We run a small, local business and understand the value of superior customer service and actually care about you. A public utility just can't match our dedication.
  • In most cases the thousands of dollars you spend to convert to natural gas are never recovered. Consider the costs to remove the old oil heating system, run the gas line, prepare the new gas system with circulators and relays, do the plumbing and wiring and buy the equipment that will only last about 15 years compared to the 30 you are used to. Point Bay will be happy to help you with a cost comparison.
  • We perform conversions. If your mind is made up to convert, we would appreciate the opportunity to give you an estimate to do the work.
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