Top 8 AC Tips For Homeowners

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When air conditioner maintenance is completed on a regular basis, it improves the performance, safety, and efficiency of your cooling system. In addition, it helps you avoid large A/C repair bills and discomfort by preventing the unit from breaking down when the weather is hot. Furthermore, you will pay far less on your home energy costs, while enjoying a higher level of comfort. The trick is to know which AC tips to follow. In this article, we share some valuable advice on how to keep your air conditioner in great shape.

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Best AC Tips For Better Comfort & Efficiency

The following are eight beneficial maintenance tasks you can complete during spring and summer:

1. Replace The Air Conditioner Filter

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Once a month, examine your HVAC air filters. If it appears to be dirty, then be sure to replace it. As a minimum standard, each filter requires a replacement every 90 days. If the air quality in your home contains a substantial amount of dust, the filters may need to be changed more often. Replacing the filters enhances the air quality, reduces energy consumption by as much as 2/5, and helps the air-conditioning unit last longer.

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2. Use Only High-Quality HVAC Air Filters

You would be surprised at how many air conditioning issues stem from a lack of HVAC replacements or the use of poor-quality filters. Where it concerns your HVAC system, always use well-made, high-quality filters. Choose from reputable brands. Always obtain pleated or baffled filters. Those who choose electrostatic filters experience better results. These filters intercept particularly small pieces of dirt and dust. You should also consider purchasing a HEPA filter which offers a significant number of benefits to those with asthma or respiratory allergies. Purchase multiple air filters simultaneously in order to save money.

3. Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents

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To maximize efficiency and improve indoor air quality, clean the air-conditioning air vents inside your home on a regular basis. Make sure to remove debris or dust that has accumulated on the surface of these vents. For best results, perform this task at least once every 30 days.

4. Open the HVAC Unit’s Registers

Make sure at least four out of five indoor air conditioning vents are opened on a regular basis. Many individuals close registers in unoccupied areas of the home in order to reduce maintenance needs and conserve energy. However, closing off too many registers creates many issues. For example, it may cause the unit to labor excessively during warm weather. This can have a counterproductive effect on the entire system, costing more in energy costs and HVAC repairs.

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5. Cleaning Outdoor Air Conditioning Equipment

At least once a week, you should complete an outdoor A/C equipment check. Carefully inspect both the top and sides of the unit. Remove all dead insects, pollen, grass, leaves, and sticks from these surfaces. Routinely completing this task prevents obstructions from lessening the efficiency of your unit, and subsequently wasting energy.

6. Maintain Air Conditioner Clearance Levels

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Do not plant, park or store any objects within two feet of your outdoor air-conditioning equipment. For instance, do not park a wheelbarrow in this area, and refrain from planting bushes or other botanical items near the system. Trim all shrubs and trees before they reach the unit or any of its components. This ensures adequate airflow and promotes safety.

7. Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Each spring, you should schedule an air-conditioning tune-up. Service of this type is essential, as it makes your system more energy-efficient and can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 20 percent. Additionally, it will increase the longevity of your air conditioning system.

With regular annual maintenance and tune-ups by a reputable HVAC company, your system may run at top efficiency for up to eight or more years.

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8. Using Proper Safety Devices

Even though A/C units are safer than many other types of appliances, it is possible for a faulty system to release harmful carbon monoxide or occasionally spark a fire. For this reason, you should regularly replace batteries in CO and smoke alarms and test devices of this kind before summer arrives. If a test fails, contact a professional and have the faulty equipment immediately replaced.



The aforementioned tasks require some time and effort, as well as a small monetary investment. However, in the long run, completing them will help you save money. Appropriate maintenance also ensures your comfort and protects your health during summer. Whenever your system begins to perform in an abnormal manner, contact an HVAC professional without delay to remedy the problem.

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