How To Deal With Uneven Home Temperatures

adjusting thermostatMany homes experience uneven temperatures. Homeowners will find that the temperatures in their home vary from one room to another. This issue is common in multi-level houses.

Having uneven home temperatures leads to discomfort. Since you are paying for the energy that your central air conditioning uses, it can be frustrating when you do not receive optimum thermal comfort. Fortunately, there are many ways you can solve this heating and cooling issue.

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AC Zone Control: How To Deal With Uneven Home Temperatures

In some cases,  small issues (and easily repairable issues) can cause uneven home temperatures. Below, you will find some of the causes of these problems and the best way to deal with them.

Check The Thermostat

thermostatThermostats are usually placed in the living room. Your thermostat best controls the temperature in the room that it is placed in. Therefore, when your living room reaches the set temperature, your system tends to shut off to prevent overheating. Consequently, your HVAC system will shut off even when the rest of your home hasn’t reached the set temperature yet.

A quick fix for this is to set your system’s fan setting to ‘on’ instead of ‘auto.’ When you set your HVAC system to ‘auto,’ the fan runs when your system is cooling the room. On the other hand, when it is set to ‘on,’ your fan stays on continuously. This way, it circulates the conditioned air throughout your home and helps even out the temperature between rooms.

Redirect Air Vents

The air vents help disperse the conditioned air from your system. If you are experiencing inadequate cooling or heating in your home, check to see if there are pieces of furniture that are blocking your air vents. For example, you might have rearranged your furniture and placed a large bookshelf in front of an air vent. Also, if an air vent is next to a window, make sure that the curtain isn’t blocking the vent. You also have to make sure that your air vents are not clogged with dust and debris. If they are, then vacuum and clean them immediately.

You can also redirect the air from your air vents. You can do this by partially closing the vents on the rooms on the first floor so that it redirects the air to the second floor. This way, your system will not build up with pressure. At the same time, you will achieve adequate cooling or heating throughout your home.

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Clean Air Filters

HVAC air filterThe air filter in your HVAC system is responsible for trapping dirt and other debris. It ensures that you have healthy indoor air quality. However, as time passes, dust and other contaminants accumulate in your air filters. This dense buildup creates an obstruction.

When you have clogged air filters, it means that your home does not have proper airflow. Without adequate airflow, you won’t be able to receive the conditioned air in all of the rooms of your home. Therefore, some of the symptoms of a dirty air filter include uneven temperatures. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you replace your air filter regularly.


Check The Ductwork

The system of air ducts allows the conditioned air to travel before it is released out of the air vents. Unfortunately, if there are leaks, tears, or holes in your ducts, then the conditioned air bleeds out instead of reaching its destination. Not only that, but your HVAC system will end up working harder to make up for the leaked air. Ductwork leaks can cause more significant problems than uneven temperatures.

Contact a professional HVAC technician to check your air ducts for leaks. They have pressurizing equipment which will help them locate leaks easily. Also, techs can seal these leaks in no time.

The Right HVAC Size

AC condenserThe HVAC size refers to its tonnage. Tonnage, or ton, is the amount of heat your system can remove from inside your home per hour. If you have an HVAC system that’s too small for your home, then you will inevitably experience inadequate cooling. For instance, when your thermostat is set to a low temperature, you will find that the actual temperature of your home does not match the thermostat setting. Having a system that is too small may result in hot areas in your home even though your HVAC system is working.

Contact a trusted HVAC contractor to help you with this issue. A professional can conduct a Manual J Load Calculation for your home. This way, you’ll know the HVAC system size that best fits your heating and cooling needs.

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Install A Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Consider installing a ductless mini-split heat pump. These multi-zone HVAC systems work perfectly when supplementing your existing central air system. When you have a ductless mini-split heat pump at home, you can create a zone which allows you to regulate the temperature independently.

Moreover, you can set the ductless mini-split heat pump’s thermostat based on your preference and needs. You can also turn off the heating or cooling system in rooms that you do not use. This energy-efficiency results in lower electrical bills at the end of each month.

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Uneven home temperatures are annoying, especially during the summer. Fortunately, there are also many ways you can solve this cooling issue. For instance, you can supplement your existing HVAC system. You also need to make sure that your current system is working in excellent condition.

When searching for “HVAC companies near me,” make sure to call Point Bay Fuel. Our certified technicians know the best solutions to meet your heating and cooling needs. Some of our specialties include A/C installations, furnace repairs, replacements, tune-ups, and more. Best of all, we offer the best HVAC repair costs and HVAC services in the area.

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