What Your AC’s Refrigerant Does For You

The refrigerant is a vital substance used in air conditioning systems. Air conditioners cool down your home through the refrigeration cycle. With this in mind, it is always a great idea to know how your AC works in general. After all, it is essential that you know about the electronic systems that operate in your home.

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Air Conditioner Repair Jackson NJ: Why Your AC Needs Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the generic name for the mixture that causes cooling or refrigeration. In this article, we will explore how refrigerant works and how essential it is to your A/C.

What Refrigerant Does In Your HVAC System

ACThe refrigerant in your AC is a low-pressure gas that is part of the continuous cycle that happens when the refrigerant moves between the indoor coil and the outdoor coil. These coils are copper, which is an excellent conductor for heat transfer. When the coolant is in the indoor coils, it absorbs heat from indoors. The hot gas then moves to the outdoor condenser coils. Here, the coils release heat through condensation. Afterward, it becomes gas again. Fans push cold air into your home while your AC pushes hot air outside. The process then repeats.

There are many advances in the production of air conditioning units. However, what remains the same is that the refrigerant is at a set level or “charge.” Refrigerant charge means that there is sufficient refrigerant within the unit to give you the cool air you need. Ideally, no refrigerant is lost during the cooling cycle. However, leaks can cause the coolant to lose its charge.

If you suspect that your air conditioner has a leak, you need to get it repaired quickly. Leaks, no matter how small, can impact your home’s thermal comfort and may severely damage your A/C. Make sure to call a trusted HVAC technician as only a professional is fit to handle this substance.

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Three Common Types Of Refrigerants For HVAC Systems

air conditioner coolantListed below are the three most common types of refrigerants used over the years.

Phased Out In US: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

These refrigerants are made up of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon. CFCs are nontoxic, nonflammable, colorless and odorless when used in low concentrations. These coolants were common in industrial, commercial, and household applications. However, it was phased out of use in today’s industries because the chlorine atom in CFCs contributes to the greenhouse gas effect.

Phased Out By 2020: Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)

These refrigerants are made up of hydrogen, chlorine, fluorine, and carbon. HCFCs include R22, R123, and R123, to name a few. HFC was a CFC substitute that was nontoxic, nonflammable and noncorrosive. Although it is less damaging to the ozone than CFCs, it still renders damages to the environment. Due to this implication, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated its phase-out in 2010. Consequently, they discontinued the use of R22 in new AC systems, and its production ends in 2020.

New Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants: Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

These refrigerants are made up of hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon. Some of the HFCs are R410A and R134. Because the harmful chlorine atom was taken out of the blend, these refrigerants are safer for the environment. Moreover, A/Cs that use R410A increase indoor air quality, and are more efficient and economical.

Replacing The Refrigerant In Your HVAC System

Unless there is a leak, your AC’s cooling cycle will not lose any refrigerant. Having said that, there is no need to replace your refrigerant at all. However, inadequate maintenance, wear and tear, formaldehyde, and a couple of other factors can cause your refrigerant to leak. If you suspect that there are refrigerant leaks in your A/C, call a trusted HVAC contractor. A licensed, EPA certified technician specializes in fixing refrigerant-related issues.

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Importance Of HVAC System Refrigerant

Refrigerants have a significant impact in making our daily lives more comfortable. After all, our air conditioners won’t be able to provide us the cold air we need if there were no refrigerants.  It has given us the ability to live in the most extreme of climates as well. Overall, refrigerants revolutionized the way we live.


Refrigerant: Vital Role For Your Home HVAC System

The refrigerant plays a vital role in making sure that your AC serves its function. For it to correctly function at all times, you need to conduct routine maintenance. These regular checks will make sure that your AC avoids any issues including refrigerant leaks and other cooling system problems. Contact a local trusted HVAC contractor if you have any heating and cooling concerns. You can search “air conditioner repair near me” to find a reputable company in your area.

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