Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

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Cooling can be challenging for some homes. Homes with older AC units, window units, or no air conditioning at all tend to experience unbearable discomfort. For these homes, a new central AC installation is an excellent option. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that come with these types of systems.

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Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

In this article, we dispel some myths about central AC and offer your valid air conditioning facts. This way, you can make an informed decision about choosing a new AC system for your home.

Myth #1: Air Conditioner Installation Requires Significant Remodeling

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A lot of people avoid central air conditioning because they think that they will have to spend a fortune on remodeling for the installation. For example, older homes may not have the air ducts needed for this system to work. Remodeling to install ducts may compromise structural integrity. It would also be extremely disruptive for the household.

While it’s true that central ACs used to involve this kind of procedure, that is no longer necessary today. Models that use smaller ducts and high-power circulators can fit into the existing house more easily.

Myth #2: Central Air Conditioning Is Expensive To Run

There is no truth to the assertion that central air conditioning is an expensive form of home cooling. Its energy consumption is comparable to other AC configurations for the same coverage area. This myth may have been fueled by the idea of leaky ducts. These plague older installations where ductwork holes may develop over time. However, now of days, they are rarely found especially if the owner gets regular professional maintenance service. Furthermore, newer installations with mini ducts are less likely to develop holes because of their improved construction. This results in a more reliable system with high efficiency and low operational cost.

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Myth #3: Central AC Is Noisy

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Another misconception is that central air conditioning units are always noisy. People may be basing this from experience with their own cooling system or someone else’s. Again, this problem mostly affects the older models. Technology advances over time and solves common issues along the way. The constant racket made by ancient central AC units is now just a distant memory. If you get a system with built-in soundproofing, then you won’t have to worry about this. You will be able to sleep at night without any worries.

Myth #4: Every Cooling System Performs The Same Way

You need to be careful when choosing your next cooling system. Don’t just pick blindly because there are significant differences between various options. Some might provide higher efficiency and, thus, consume less electricity. Others might be better at controlling indoor humidity. Indeed, air conditioners do not simply cool home interiors. They also remove moisture from the air through condensation. This makes the room feel colder. The compressor doesn’t need to work as hard so it consumes less energy. Homeowners benefit from the smaller energy bills.

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Myth #5: Air-Conditioning Components Ruin The Aesthetics Of Your Home

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The aesthetics of a home is understandably important to the owners. They will guard against anything that would destroy the interior’s design. Many think that central AC is not acceptable because of this. However, the reality is that the system can be nearly invisible with competent professional installation. Outlets can be positioned in ways that do not draw attention. They will not clash with the décor but just function quietly in the background.

Myth #6: Centralized HVAC Systems Cannot Be Dual Purpose

In the early years, centralized HVAC systems could only do one thing. They might heat the house but they can’t cool it, and vice versa. This meant that homeowners had to install two separate systems even if one is idle for half the year. That is not how it is today. Central HVAC units can now do both heating and cooling so you can depend on just one system for the whole year. Dual-purpose systems are very convenient and easy to operate. They are also fast and inexpensive to install. Most of these are able to run at high efficiencies for further savings.

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As you can see, prevailing myths are not always true. Innovative solutions banish old problems. Before you dismiss central air conditioning, learn more about the newest models from a competent HVAC supplier and contractor.

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