Benefits of an Air Conditioning Inspection NJ

Air Conditioning Inspection NJAnother hot NJ summer is almost upon us. Don’t wait until your air conditioning equipment breaks down to call a technician. There’s nothing more irritating than having to deal with a HVAC system being out of action during the hottest days of the year. Because when family members are uncomfortable and sweating, things can get hotter than an episode of the Jersey Shore!

Now is the time to schedule an air conditioning inspection to ensure your family’s comfort (and sanity) throughout the heated season. It simply makes good sense to arrange an inspection now before the hot weather hits New Jersey. You can trust the experts at Point Bay Fuel; our trained technicians can help you improve the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner to ensure your family enjoys cool, comfortable air all summer long.

The Benefits of an Air Conditioning Inspection NJ

An HVAC unit is just like a vehicle; it needs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure it operates at peak performance. Your air conditioner has to work so much harder to produce the air quality and temperature that you want if it is not operating efficiently. It consumes more energy in doing so and this means more money out of your pocket.

Dust and dirt can accumulate in areas like the condenser and air filter, which can directly affect the efficiency of your equipment. You will save in the long run by keeping equipment in tip-top shape and avoid expensive repair bills from a breakdown.

If your air conditioner is inspected and maintained annually, you can expect a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years… but poorly maintained systems typically don’t even last a decade.

Schedule Regular Inspection of Your Air Conditioner

A thorough inspection by a NATE-trained and certified technician will include checking and measurement of:

  • Refrigerant pressure to see whether the equipment needs recharging
  • Electrical connections
  • Evaporator coils
  • Air filter
  • All piping, ducting and vents
  • Safety controls
  • Air flow rates and quality
  • Seals and insulation

Our professional technicians will conduct an assessment of the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit. We will make adjustments and carry out necessary repairs to ensure your air conditioner operates at optimal performance.

Preventative Maintenance Will Save You Money

By scheduling an annual inspection and maintenance of your unit, you can increase the equipment life. Your air conditioner will consume the least energy by being set to operate at maximum efficiency. Not only do you save on unexpected breakdown repair costs, you also save on daily running costs.

Enjoy a comfortable summer by making sure your air conditioner has been checked out. Contact an expert HVAC service company to arrange an inspection to give you peace of mind. But don’t just take our word for it; ask our customers then give us a call at (732) 349-5059.