Using Alternative Fuels for Your Business

Using Alternative FuelsBusinesses who use alternative fuels tend to have a positive public image amongst their competition. The more sustainable a company makes their operations, the more their effort will impact public response. The push towards alternative sources has become more focused in the last decade, and the result has been a plethora of viable alternative energy sources that are both clean and renewable. Biodiesel is among the alternative fuels that are seeing a resurgence in business use thanks to its ease of use and relatively cheap price. From a business perspective, there are definite incentives towards switching to fuels such as these:

1. Safety

Alternative energy sources such as biodiesel are not volatile as far as moving it around a building is concerned. And commercial heating oil isn’t explosive in liquid form (the form in which it will be delivered from area to area), is less likely to have maintenance issues such as leaks or overflows and is not flammable in its liquid form. This is due to its clean nature.

2. Clean, Green Energy

Probably one of the biggest selling points for biodiesel and biofuel blends is their ability to burn cleaner than traditional competitors. The last iteration of the Federal Clean Air Act doesn’t even mention the emissions from biofuel blends because they are simply so low they can be ignored. A business that uses green energy opens up itself up as a responsible company; one that other businesses that are focused on the environment would be glad to have as a partner.

3. Price

ROI and the bottom line is usually the main consideration for businesses. BioHeat fuels are highly efficient and produce more heat per gallon burned than any other fuel. Currently the price of oil is low, and this is reflected in the price of heating oil supplies. With a massive stockpile ensuring availability, this would be the best time to change a company’s heating needs to match its ambitious growth.

Alternative Fuels Are the Future

The development of alternative energy sources, as well as the search for more efficient means of generating and storing energy, is among the most pressing responsibilities currently facing the general public. BioHeat provides a very safe, reliable and renewable resource that can be utilized effectively for heating homes and businesses.

Commercial Heating Oil and Alternative Fuels by Point Bay Fuel

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