The Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater | Hughes EnterprisesWhile many people are quick to turn off unused lights or fans in order to save money on utility bills, most do not understand that a hot water heater uses more energy than almost any other appliance in a home. This can be especially problematic in areas where electric bills are already high. The traditional type of water heater uses a tank. While this model does its job in keeping water hot, it often keeps it hot even when it is not being used. This can waste energy and money. For a more efficient and affordable setup, many are choosing to utilize tankless water heaters.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work: Simple and Effective

The process is relatively simple; water enters the heater and is detected by sensors. The burner is automatically ignited, and water circulates through the heat exchanger. The water is then heated to the designated temperature. Whenever the water is shut off, the unit shuts down. This type of operation is much more economical and less wasteful when compared to more traditional alternatives. But the benefits don’t stop at affordability; a number of specific perks can be enjoyed by making this switch to a tankless water heater.

The Main Benefits: Less Waste and More Longevity

This type of technology has been very popular in Europe and Japan for quite some time. Though it is relatively new to the US, the simple concept proves to be much more logical; heating water only when it is needed. This proves to be beneficial in a number of ways. Not only does a tankless water heater help to conserve energy and money, but it is also a model that is much more applicable to long-term use due to its conservative nature.

Additional Benefits: Avoiding the Common Problems

Common problems like cold showers are a thing of the past since one cannot “run out” of hot water with a unit that is built to use hot water when it is needed. More appliances will be able to run at the same time and for longer periods. Tankless units are also very compact when compared to their counterparts. They can be placed outside, inside, and even be hung on a wall. Water is also much cleaner as traditional water heaters often built up rust quickly. Tankless units don’t have this problem and result in fresher and cleaner water.

Plenty of Ways to Help Make the Change

While these units are superior to traditional models in various ways, many are often apprehensive about making a large change of this type with such an important utility. While a quality installation may be a bit more expensive than one for a traditional model, many units of this kind may be eligible for a $300 federal tax credit. In addition to this, rebates are also offered by companies at the state and local level. The change will be very beneficial, as it will provide long-term use. Since a unit of this type needs replacing half as often as its counterpart; it is a great long-term investment.

Oil Hot Water Heater Plan

Point Bay offers a Hot Water Heater Service Agreement plan that covers many things that typically go wrong with your system and includes an annual tune-up to increase your system’s longevity and efficiency. It will be performed in conjunction with your heating system tune-up. Check out our recent blog post, Benefits of a Low Mass Boiler to read up on more great advantages. And contact us for more information!