How To Get The Most Out Of Your Oil Furnace

home heating tipsOil furnaces are typically known for their longevity. Also, the majority of them come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts several decades. Nevertheless, they only offer a long lifespan to owners who care for them properly and keep them well-maintained.

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Brick Heating Oil Delivery: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Oil Furnace

Below are several easy-to-follow suggestions that will help naturally extend your oil furnace’s lifespan.

Contact A Professional HVAC Service Regularly

HVAC serviceExperts usually tell consumers to have their furnaces serviced at least one time per year during autumn. The best time is immediately before winter, as this is right before it will be put into use for the season.

Maintaining the heater in your home ensures that it is kept in optimum working condition.

Preventative maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs, as you can head off small problems before they become major ones. Additionally, your monthly heating bills will be lower, as the system will not have to work as hard if it is properly maintained by a professional.

When a professional visits your home to service your furnace, he or she also typically searches for potential air leaks, which can lead to wasted energy and eventually a broken down heater. Below are some additional reasons why proper maintenance is essential:

Autumn HVAC Cleaning

Virtually everyone has heard the phrase “spring cleaning.” However, autumn cleaning is the best option when it concerns your oil furnace. In addition to routine maintenance, there are other actions you can take to maintain your heater in proper working condition.

For example, replacing the filter in the furnace is always a good idea, mainly if it has been a while since you have done so. This filter is similar to the one you would find in a swimming pool; over time it becomes clogged with particles and replacement becomes necessary. The furnace in your home will not function the way it should if you fail to replace the air filter regularly.

Some heating units require replacement on a monthly basis, while others only need to be replaced every 90 days. The best way to determine whether or not it is time to exchange the old filter for a new one is to check the filter on a monthly basis.

Cleaning the air ducts in the furnace is also an important task. It is just as important as changing the filters. Fortunately, this can be done on an annual basis, rather than a monthly one. However, you should have a professional complete this task instead of attempting it as a DIY project.

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Adjust Your Thermostat To Prevent From Overworking Your Heater

thermostatMany individuals put their oil furnaces on the highest temperature setting possible. However, professional HVAC contractors state that setting them slightly lower is your best course of action.

This will reduce wear and tear on your unit, as well as save you money on your energy bill. Placing the setting on a very high temperature, especially during frigid weather, wastes energy and does little to warm your home.

Do Not Try DIY Furnace Repairs

There are numerous stories online about homeowners who tried to repair their furnaces and ended up with a disaster on their hands.

Such action can land you in the emergency room. At the very least, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in future repairs. Ultimately, home furnace repair is not something that should be attempted by an untrained individual. If you do not have a background in such work, call a professional.

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Use Top-Grade Home Heating Oil

oil delivery truckNever use anything except high-quality fuel oil in your furnace. Although this may seem like an obvious tip, many homeowners have attempted to save money by purchasing the least expensive home heating oil.

Unfortunately, many of these cheap oil delivery companies purchase their oil from the bottom of the barge. This type of oil is full of contaminants and impurities. The latter cause severe problems such as sludge buildup in your tank, clogged fuel lines, excessive wear and tear on your furnace, and additional heating problems. Therefore, you should stock up on high-quality furnace oil and shun companies that offer the lowest home heating oil prices.

To locate home heating oil delivery companies in your area with a good reputation, search for “home heating oil companies near me” or “home heating oil delivery near me.” Make sure you look at each company’s website and read customer reviews to determine whether or not they deliver high-quality oil and employ professional HVAC contractors. After this, you should consider heating oil prices before making a final decision.

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