Brick NJ Furnace Tune Up

Annual Furnace Tune-Up In Brick New Jersey

Maintaining your heating system with annual tune-ups is necessary to avoid future problems. Recently, one of our customers scheduled their furnace tune-up. This Brick NJ homeowner understands the value of maintaining their heater. They live in a single family home that is typical of this area. During the service call, our technicians found that the homeowner’s furnace had a cracked heat exchanger.

Problem: Point Bay Fuel was called into this Brick NJ home to conduct an annual heating system tune-up. Yet, when our technician inspected the unit, he discovered that the furnace had a cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger needed to be replaced.

Solution: We were able to replace the heat exchanger and get the furnace back in operating condition. This saved the homeowner from having to invest in a new heating system.

cracked heat exchanger

Problems With A Heat Exchanger

Furnaces with cracked heat exchangers are dangerous. There are many issues that arise from operating a system that has an issue like this. The biggest safety concern is a furnace venting dangerous carbon monoxide gases into your home. A CO leak causes health issues and, when left unattended, it can go as far as causing fatalities. Also, a system like this has problems keeping a home comfortable. The heater has to run harder than needed to reach the desired temperature. This translates into energy efficiency problems. The harder a furnace has to work, the more power it uses. This homeowner had to pay higher than normal heating bills.

A furnace's heat exchanger is exposed to high temperatures. High temperatures cause it to heat up and cool down throughout heating cycles. After many cycles and many years of use, this makes the metal susceptible to cracking. When it cracks, your furnace vents carbon monoxide gases into your home instead of outside.

Carbon monoxide is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. It a silent killer because it is undetectable by any of the human senses. CO depletes the body of oxygen. This is why it is crucial to have a CO alarm in your home. It is important to schedule furnace tune-ups on a yearly basis.

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Benefits Of A Heater Tune-Up

There are many benefits associated with scheduling an annual heater tune-up. Tune-ups help identify safety concerns like CO leaks. They also help you furnace run more energy efficient.

Airflow: When a technician inspects your system, they will ensure that there is an adequate amount of airflow. A system that has reduced or limited airflow has to work much harder than necessary. This leads to costly repairs and premature replacement.

Safety: An annual tune-up gives the technician the chance to verify that a home's heating system is functioning in a safe manner. They inspect the furnace heat exchanger. This is important because it prevents a dangerous CO leak.

Prevents Unnecessary Repairs And Breakdowns: HVAC experts agree that costly furnace repairs are avoidable with annual service. A tune-up includes a cleaning of your system. This promotes energy efficiency. Furthermore, a tune-up allows the technician to spot any minor issues before they escalate into major and more costly ones. When you address problems early on, it also prevents a complete failure of your system in the middle of the winter when you need your heater the most.

Increases The Lifespan Of A Heater: Heaters that are tuned up annually last longer. Systems that are poorly maintained have shorter lifespans.

Enhances The Energy Efficiency Of A Heating System: The heater energy efficiency is maintained when annual tune-ups are performed. This cuts down on home heating costs significantly.

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