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Home AC Replacement Project In Spring Lake New Jersey

We service many residential and commercial properties throughout Monmouth County. Recently, we serviced a single family home that requested an air conditioner replacement in Spring Lake NJ.

The air conditioner was about 16 years old and used the outdated refrigerant, R-22. Given that R-22 is not going to be available after the year 2020 due to government mandated phase-outs, this AC system has definitely reached the end of its lifespan.

Problem: After seeing a brochure in our office that informed consumers about the R-22 phase out, the homeowner decided to replace their air conditioner because it used this type of refrigerant. Due to the AC unit’s age, it was on its last leg anyhow.

Solution: We replaced the homeowner’s air conditioner with a new American Standard condenser and air handler which operates on the more environmentally friendly refrigerant, R-410A. In addition to the homeowner getting an AC system that is more eco-friendly, they will also get an air conditioner that is far more energy efficient.

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R22 Refrigerant Phase Out

Most air conditioners manufactured before 2010 run on R-22 refrigerant. Now, units that are manufactured after 2010 use R-410A. The EPA placed a ban on this refrigerant because it is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) based refrigerant. HCFC refrigerants have been shown to deplete the ozone layer. According to the EPA  as of January 1st, 2015, the use of all R-22 in the maintenance or servicing of existing refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment will be prohibited.

As R-22 is being phased out, alternative refrigerants are replacing it. One of the most common refrigerants is R-410A. In the case with our homeowner, they replaced their old unit with an American Standard that uses R-410A. Homeowners can also convert their current AC systems to use R-410A. However, the EPA warns homeowners of the safety hazards that can arise from doing this because the system was not designed to handle these flammable refrigerants that have a higher working pressure. It is best just to replace your system. Click here to learn about our cooling services.

Current systems are more energy efficient which will help reduce cooling costs. Also, R-410A can absorb and release more heat which makes it much more effective at keeping your home comfortable. R-22 systems use mineral oil to keep its compressor lubricated. R-410A systems use a synthetic oil which is less soluble than mineral oil. This prevents wear and tear on the compressor.

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Upgrading Your Air Conditioner When It Becomes Old And Outdated

As with any type of machinery, as it ages, it becomes less efficient. This is also true with air conditioning systems. AC units typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years. This is an average so some units may last less than this and some might last more. Proper maintenance of an AC unit makes a huge difference. Regardless, homeowners should be aware of a few aspects about air conditioners so that they are aware of when the time arrives to replace theirs.

Age: When a system reaches the end of its lifespan, then it is time to replace it. A unit that is in the 10-15 age range needs to be replaced. As mentioned earlier, a system that is this old is inefficient and has to work hard to try to keep a home comfortable. This uses more energy which spikes up electrical bills.

Frequent Repairs: Units that are this old tend to require many frequent repairs and they can even break down. It is not worth spending the money on expensive repairs. A better way to use your money is by investing in a new system. In the case with our homeowner, they decided to replace their unit on their own terms because they knew a breakdown was imminent. Doing this before the summer heat arrives was a smart decision.

Your Home Does Not Feel As Comfortable: The main function of the evaporator coil is to remove humidity from your home. As a system ages, then it is not able to do this as effectively. Therefore, when it is time to replace your unit, you will also notice that your home feels a little more humid than it should.

Benefits Of New American Standard Air Conditioners

New American Standard air conditioners are some of the best cooling systems on the market. They are highly energy efficient and can provide a home with the comfort that it needs to get through the hot weather. These systems have high SEER ratings. They are so energy efficient that they will help a homeowner reduce their cooling costs. Furthermore, American Standard units are exceptionally quiet that, while they are operating, the homeowner will not notice that they are on. They offer multi-stage cooling which ensures comfort and the best humidity control.

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