gas boiler installation beachwood nj

Gas Boiler Installation Beachwood NJ

The Biondi family owned a very old, very outdated American Standard boiler that was still working, but it wasn’t nearly as efficient as it could be, and it was on its last legs. They knew they were overdue for a replacement to not only save money on energy costs but to get a new working boiler in place before their old one finally crapped out for good.

So, the homeowner knew that it was time to replace their old boiler. They also decided that they wanted to convert from oil to gas heat. They realized that the price of natural gas is much cheaper than oil at the moment, so making the conversion was a financially sound choice.

They contacted Point Bay Fuel and requested our expert assistance in helping them make the conversion from oil to gas heat. We sent our heating system expert HVAC technician Kevin Mitchell to their Beachwood, NJ home to make an assessment and present the homeowner with a number of excellent options, including a new oil boiler, conventional gas boiler, and 95% Combi boiler/hot water heater.

After weighing their options, the Biondi’s realized that it was a no-brainer to choose the gas Combi boiler/hot water heater. For starters, they were eligible for rebates, which puts more money in their pocket. Plus, they also qualified for 0% interest financing, which made it easy to choose this combination gas boiler and hot water heater package. Keep reading to explore this gas boiler installation in Beachwood NJ.

Problem: The Biondi family recognized that they had a very old and inefficient American Standard boiler that needed to be replaced soon before it broke down on them completely. Not only did they decide to replace their boiler, they chose to convert from oil to natural gas heat. They needed someone to help them with this transition, so naturally they called Point Bay Fuel and asked for our help.

Solution: Expert HVAC specialist Kevin Mitchell visited their home, made his assessments, and provided an array of recommendations for the homeowner to consider. They chose to make the conversion from oil to natural gas and decided to install a Navien 95% Combi boiler/hot water heater to meet their heat and hot water needs.

navien gas combi boiler installation beachwood nj

Navien NCB240/110H Install In Beachwood, New Jersey

navien combi gas boiler upgrade beachwood njThe Biondi family knew that switching from oil to natural gas was the best decision for their personal situation. They chose this particular Navien boiler because they loved the warranty, great features, and other benefits. Their main reasons for choosing this Combi boiler include:

  • Warranty – customers of Navien gain access to three different warranties when purchasing this product. There is a 10-year heat exchanger warranty, a 5-year parts warranty, and a 1-year labor warranty. These warranties are applicable in single-family residential homes during the warranties specified timeframe.
  • 95% AFUE – the Biondi family, along with many other homeowners, loved switching from oil to natural gas because of the 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency percentage of their Combi boiler. In this particular case, the boiler/hot water heater utilizes the majority of the fuel being burned, which equates to 95% of it. Almost nothing is wasted, which means they maximize their fuel utilization while minimizing the amount of money spent on their energy bills.
  • Advanced User Interface – the advanced user interface is definitely beneficial because it comes with its own setup wizard for easy use. Besides the quick and painless setup, it also has intuitive text, a backlit panel for easy viewing even in dark rooms, and a click-wheel control that’s incredibly simple to operate.
  • Compact Design – the product design is uniquely compact and very easy to install. In fact, it’s as much as 80% smaller than a traditional hot water heater tank and boiler, which is incredibly beneficial to those looking to save space. In fact, this product is so compact that it’s installed and hung directly on the wall, which really is a space saver’s dream.
  • Endless High-Efficiency Heating/Hot Water – this boiler and tankless water heater is many homeowners' favorite all-in-one appliance. It provides heat and hot water throughout the entire home for houses that are large or small. And the heat and hot water are endless, which means homeowners never have to worry about taking cold showers again. Three showers and the dishwasher can all run at the same time and still have ample hot water when all is said and done.

Why Upgrade Your Boiler For Your Beachwood, New Jersey Home?

oil boiler replacement in beachwood nj

Like the Biondi family, you may have a boiler that is on its last legs. It’s done a magnificent job of heating your home for many, many years, but it’s time to put your boiler out to pasture before it breaks down in the middle of the freezing cold winter.

Some of the biggest reasons to upgrade your boiler in Beachwood, NJ include:

  • Lower Energy Expenses – many homeowners wait until their boiler is on its last legs before they finally upgrade to a newer, more efficient model. This isn’t necessarily the best choice because homeowners will spend more money on heating fuel since their current boiler isn’t operating at peak levels of efficiency. Upgrading to a newer, highly efficient model immediately cuts energy expenses by as much as 25%.
  • Fewer Repairs – old boilers need to be repaired more frequently than their newer counterparts. This is a fact of life that every homeowner must deal with. Eventually, it’s no longer worth it to continue repairing your boiler because the repair costs are becoming so expensive that a new boiler would be much cheaper over the long run. Upgrading your heating system automatically relieves your need to pay an HVAC specialist to repair your boiler for the time being.
  • Advanced Age – if the current boiler is 15-30 years old or older, the boiler is definitely in a state of decline. Is its ability to produce heat decreasing? Is fuel more expensive? Do you need more oil deliveries to heat your home during the winter? This could be due to advanced age because the boiler is no longer working up to snuff and it’s time to replace it with a newer, better, and more efficient model.
  • Reduced Comfort at Home – in many instances, the boiler may not be working properly due to its age or wear and tear over the years. Perhaps it’s no longer keeping the temperature within the home at a comfortable level. Are certain rooms difficult to keep warm? Are other rooms extremely hot because you have to raise the temperature on the thermostat to compensate for the colder rooms? This reduced comfort is a surefire sign that it’s time to upgrade a boiler in Beachwood NJ.
  • Boiler Leaks – as boilers begin to age, they also begin to leak. Some of the sources for these leaks include cracks in the metal due to corrosion, physical stress on the boiler, or damaged seals. Remember, this appliance is under constant high pressure, which means it is certainly susceptible to leaking as time wears on. The longer the homeowner owns the boiler, the greater the chance it will begin to leak.

Why Switch From Heating Oil To Natural Gas In Your Beachwood Home?

image of question mark depicting why switch from oil to gas in beachwood new jersey

Changing from heating oil and natural gas definitely has its benefits, as many homeowners who have made the switch can attest to. A few of the biggest benefits of switching from to natural gas from home heating oil include the following:

  • Better Heating Efficiency – the excellent thing about using hydronic systems is that heat is distributed with greater evenness and consistency within the home. Using gas to heat and hot water means never having to worry about experiencing cold spots. Or heating a home with gas heat means avoiding uneven temperatures throughout the rooms.
  • Space Saving Capabilities – switching from oil to natural gas means reducing the size of your boiler and hot water heater. A Combi boiler/hot water heater is small, lightweight, and mounted right on the wall, which is a tremendous space-saving capability.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – gas boilers use water to feed it through a network of pipes within the home. A furnace, on the other hand, uses vents and ducts to push heated air throughout the home. By heating the air and sending it through ducts, it potentially leads to contaminants harming the quality of indoor air. This isn’t an issue with gas heat because no ducts are involved in the heating process.
  • Longer Lifespan Than Greater Durability – the construction of the gas hot water boiler is made in a way that, with regular monitoring and basic maintenance, it can last for many years to come. There are not as many moving parts, so it doesn’t break down or wear out as quickly as a furnace would.
  • Efficiency Improves Operating Costs – gas Combi boilers/hot water heaters use less energy than boilers. The high-efficiency models heat air and hot water while wasting very little heating fuel, which is gas in this particular case. A high-efficiency model can have a 95% AFUE rating, which means the bulk of the natural gas is being used to heat the home and hot water with very little waste.

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