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HVAC Installation Project in Toms River, NJ

Two situations arose that had a major impact on the Ende family’s comfort at home. Over the summer, right in the middle of a major heat wave, their air conditioner completely died. It was old, outdated, and it required costly repairs that weren’t worth making.

Next, the Ende family also realized that their oil furnace was no longer operating at acceptable levels of efficiency. Plus, the furnace is also old and outdated and it’s right at the end of its lifecycle. It wasn’t going to last much longer and repairs were about to get expensive.

The homeowner decided that it was time to replace their burned-out air-conditioner and their heating system that was on its way out as well. They contacted Point Bay Fuel and asked if we’d assessed their situation and provided high-quality recommendations to help solve their heating and cooling issues.

We were happy to oblige, so we sent our expert heating and cooling technician Kevin Mitchell to visit their property. He agreed that it was time to replace their oil furnace and knew that the broken-down air-conditioner had to go. With this, he provided a number of recommendations, including hybrid inverter heat pump technology, gas heat, oil heat, and standard HVAC efficiency.

To cut down on energy expenses and greenhouse gas emissions, the Ende family decided to choose the highest-efficiency heating and air conditioning combo available. They picked an ultra-high efficiency Bosch inverter heat pump along with a Bosch 96% AFUE rating and backup heat in the form of a two-stage gas furnace.

All told, the heat pump is rated up to 20 SEER and it’ll keep your home toasty warm even when it’s 40° below Fahrenheit outside. In this case, the heating system will automatically turn on the supplemental heat pump to provide additional heat in frigid temperatures.

Lastly, the Ende family acquired a number of great benefits by choosing this HVAC system. It operates much quieter than their previous heating and air-conditioning units, it uses much less electricity which helps them save money, and has superior dehumidification, and they even qualified for $1650 in rebates. Keep reading to explore this HVAC installation in Toms River, NJ.

Problem: The Ende family needed to replace their burned-out air-conditioner, and their heating system was steadily approaching the end of its lifecycle. Since they aren’t heating and air-conditioning experts, they decided to reach out and ask for help with their pressing issues.

Solution: They contacted Point Bay Fuel and asked us to assess their situation. Our expert Kevin Mitchell visited their home, made an assessment, and provided recommendations for various heating and air-conditioning options to choose from. The Ende’s chose an ultra-high efficiency HVAC system with a backup Bosch furnace for additional support, which we gladly installed on their behalf.

Bosch BOVA-36HDN1-M20G Heat Pump Toms River NJ

Installing a Bosch BOVA-36 Heat Pump in Toms River New Jersey

bosch heat pump install toms river njAfter the Ende family experienced their air-conditioner dying on them right in the middle of a brutally hot summer, they never wanted to have to go through that difficult experience again. This is why they contacted Point Bay Fuel and asked us to install this outstanding heat pump made by trusted Bosch.

Why did they choose this particular heat pump over other air-conditioning options? The features and benefits are outstanding. Some of the main reasons to own this unit include:

  • 20 SEER – the SEER rating stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. For comparison sake, a heat pump with a 10 SEER costs twice as much in energy expenses to keep a home cool when compared to a heat pump with a 20 SEER rating. This system potentially cuts your energy expenses in half and provides substantial savings in energy expenses over the next 15 years.
  • Room Temperature Consistency – a conventional heat pump is much different than an inverted heat pump like the one we installed for the Ende family. The conventional pump fluctuates temperatures frequently because the pump is constantly cycling on and off. A pump that is inverter-driven self adjusts, which gives it the ability to provide consistent room temperature even when the temperature becomes blisteringly hot outside.
  • Quiet Operation – from a technical standpoint, the inverter heat pump is considered extremely quiet for an air-to-air system when compared to other heat pumps. The system is so quiet that you won’t even notice that it’s running in the background, while completely keeping your home comfortable and cool.
  • 10 HSPF – HSPF stands for heating seasonal performance factor, which is an efficiency rating specifically designed for heat pumps. The heat pump is considered more efficient the higher the rating. For example, to achieve Energy Star label status, a heat pump must have an HSPF of 8.5 or greater. A 10 HSPF is an excellent rating for a high-efficiency heat pump.
  • 10-Year Residential Limited Warranty – homeowners experience peace of mind knowing that their heat pump has replacement part protection that lasts for up to 10 years. This warranty covers components used within the heat pump system at the time that the product is manufactured. Other additional component parts purchased from Bosch receive a 1-year parts warranty.Installing a Bosch inverted heat pump was definitely the way to go to provide consistent comfort and satisfaction for the Ende family. They’ll no longer have to worry about their air-conditioner breaking down in the middle of the summer when it’s too hot and sticky outside to mention. This system will keep them comfortable and cool for many years to come.

Toms River Bosch Furnace Installation

Bosch furnace installation toms river njThe Ende family also knew that their furnace was on its last legs and it was definitely reaching the end of its usefulness. Instead of waking up in the middle of a freezing night in January with no heat, they decided to get proactive and replace their furnace with a brand-new Bosch model.

They chose this furnace due to the following features and benefits:

  • 96% AFUE – this furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 96%. Ultimately, this tells us that the furnace burns and utilizes 96% of the fuel, losing very little of it to waste. This is crucial for homeowners looking to cut down on their energy expenses. It allows them to burn and use the bulk of their fuel, which means they maximize their fuel usage while heating their home as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.
  • 5-Year Residential Limited Warranty – for this product, Bosch is awarding purchasers of this furnace with replacement part protection that lasts as many as five years. The warranty covers every component part installed within the unit when it was originally manufactured. If the homeowner purchases other component parts from Bosch and has them installed in the field, they receive an additional parts warranty that lasts for one year.
  • Fully Integrated System – by combining this Bosch furnace with the BMAC cased coil and their BOVA IDS heat pump, the homeowner has a fully integrated heating and cooling system that works in conjunction with one another to keep homes completely comfortable whether it’s cold or hot outside. This heating and cooling system is the best way to experience the highest levels of efficiency, comfort, and optimized savings.
  • Gas Heat Savings – at the moment, gas heat is less expensive than oil heat. The two-stage gas furnace operates at peak efficiency. Not only will it enhance the homeowner’s level of comfort, but it will also convert fuel at 96%, which provides the owner with incredible energy savings over the product's lifetime.
  • Multi poise Design – this Bosch gas furnace was expertly designed to say the least. They developed it in a way that makes it easy to replace the old furnace with the new installation. This saves the HVAC technician time and ultimately saves the homeowner money on installation expenses.

The Ende family definitely made the right choice when they chose this furnace to perfectly integrate with the Bosch cased coil and inverted heat pump. By combining these powerful products, they added a high-efficiency cooling and heating system to their home and experienced the peace of mind, and optimized savings on their home heating and cooling expenses.

What Is HVAC Inverter Technology?

HVAC inverter technology is a really nifty gadget. It takes alternating current and changes it into direct current. This allows the heater or air-conditioner to work at variable speeds. It makes it so that the compressor never needs to be totally on or fully off at any given time.
The biggest benefits of inverter technology for HVAC systems include:

  • It cuts down on energy expenses. In fact, it lowers the levels of energy consumption by as much as 50%
  • Speed is the name of the game with inverter technology. This advanced component makes it possible for HVAC systems to reach their desired temperature faster than other heating and AC systems
  • Temperature fluctuations are never going to be a problem again with inverter technology. This tack eliminates temperature fluctuations to an extreme degree
  • Humidity control is much more effective with inverter technology
  • HVAC systems operate a lot quieter due to the addition of this technology
  • Better troubleshooting is absolutely possible because this tack provides advanced diagnostics

Why Do Heat Pumps Need Supplemental Heat?

As the weather turns cold outside and temperatures drop, the heat pump doesn’t possess the same ability to pull heat inside the house. When this happens, the heat pump isn’t capable of meeting the house’s heat load.

For this reason, many homes using heat pumps require supplemental heat. This isn’t a design flaw by any means. It’s just the nature of the technology and nothing more.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not you need a backup or supplemental heat source is up to the homeowner. As an example, someone living in Florida wouldn’t require supplemental heat. On the other hand, a homeowner living in Toms River, NJ, certainly needs supplemental heat to keep their family warm during the frigid winter days and nights.

Why Choose A Multi-Speed Furnace For Your Home?

image of happy couple saving money due to energy efficient hvac system in toms river njWhen compared to a single-stage furnace, a two-stage furnace is a great choice because it operates at two different power levels. It has low-power and high-power stages.

By having the ability to switch between both power modes, the homeowner will experience better levels of energy efficiency when compared to a single-stage furnace. The multistage power mode also reduces fluctuations in temperature, which means the homeowner will no longer experience uneven heat throughout the home.

Ultimately, the benefits of lower energy bills and improved comfort are the main reasons why homeowners prefer multi-speed furnaces as opposed to single-stage options. It’s more expensive initially, but the overall cost savings on energy expenses makes it more than worth it as a long-term investment for your home.

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