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Gas Heater Install Manasquan, NJ

The O’Connell family knew that it was time to finally do something about their outdated boiler. It was really old, very undependable, and they were tired of wasting money by operating a boiler that did not work at peak levels of efficiency.

It was time for a change and the homeowners knew that they wanted to upgrade to a highly efficient unit in their Manasquan NJ home. Manasquan winters can be brutally cold, so they didn’t want to risk their inefficient boiler breaking down at the worst possible moment.

The O’Connell’s knew that Point Bay fuel was the company to trust with this delicate operation. They called us and asked if we’d send someone over to assess the situation. Our top-notch technician Kevin Mitchell visited their property in Manasquan and provided the homeowners with his expert opinion.

After visiting the O’Connell family home, Kevin Mitchell recommended installing a new Navien NCB 190/080H natural gas boiler to replace their rundown, inefficient current model.

The O’Connell family agreed with Kevin Mitchell’s assessment and appreciated that he recommended such a highly efficient natural gas combi boiler. With heating oil selling at such high prices right now, the O’Connell’s would ultimately save money on heating expenses while heating their home with a much more energy-efficient boiler.

Problem:  The O’Connell family recognized that winter was right around the corner, and they needed to upgrade their old and inefficient model with a brand-new, highly efficient option. They scheduled a consultation with Point Bay Fuel, and our expert technician Kevin Mitchell visited their home to assess their heating needs.

Solution:  Our technician Mitchell recommended upgrading their heating system with a highly efficient natural gas combi boiler. This boiler helped solve two problems for the O’Connell family. It allowed them to switch to natural gas, which is more inexpensive than their current heating fuel, and it let them upgrade to a fuel-saving boiler that operates at peak efficiency.

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Oil To Gas Conversion Manasquan NJ

When the O’Connell family decided that they had enough of their old and inefficient boiler, they decided to convert their heating system from oil to natural gas. They realized that they had access to natural gas in their neighborhood and felt it was a good time to make the switch.

They were looking for an effective way to save money on energy expenses while shifting focus to sustainable energy. That’s why they decided to convert to a gas heating system.

The O’Connell’s were more than satisfied with the efficiency and output of their oil boiler when it was initially installed. Although, as the years went by, their system became less efficient due to becoming old and outdated and heating oil prices unfortunately became more expensive at the same time. They needed a more affordable and reliable home heating method, which is ultimately what propelled them to make the switch.

image of a couple saving money due to new gas boiler installation manasquan new jerseyAt Point Bay Fuel, we were happy to recommend and oil to gas conversion because it perfectly met our client’s needs. The benefits that they’ll receive include:

  • Money Savings – by switching from heating oil to natural gas heat, the O’Connell family will instantly save money on their heating bills. Why? Natural gas is 18% cheaper than heating oil. As a matter of fact, it’s currently considered a very cost-effective fuel source for homeowners looking to save money.
  • Fewer Carbon Emissions – natural gas is a tremendous clean burning fuel. It emits fewer carbon dioxide emissions by 24%. This makes natural gas a great choice when compared to other home heating fuels. Plus, by converting oil the gas, it lowers greenhouse gas emissions and creates a healthier overall environment.
  • Homeowners Never Run Out Of Fuel – with heating oil, it’s possible to forget to fill your oil tank in the middle of the winter. This is never an issue with gas heat, because the natural gas is piped directly into the home. It’s available for immediate use and homeowners aren’t required to receive natural gas deliveries because the fuel is constantly being supplied to the heating system. You’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel or monitoring tanks again.
  • Convenient & Highly Efficient – gas heating systems warm up homes efficiently and quickly. They heat homes faster than electricity ever could. Even better, natural gas reduces the energy necessary to run other home appliances by working more efficiently and producing extra heat.

Navien NCB190/080H High-Efficiency Condensing Combi-Boiler Installation in Manasquan NJ

The Navien NCB190/080H High-Efficiency Condensing Combi-Boiler is precisely what the O’Connell family needed when they contacted us at Point Bay Fuel. They were looking to convert from heating oil to natural gas. They wanted to experience the great benefits, including inexpensive heating bills, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and a highly efficient boiler.

image of an efficiency rating depicting gas heater in manasquan njWe recommended the Navien natural gas combi boiler for a number of different reasons. Our favorite reasons for recommending this product include:

  • Smart LCD Display – the smart LCD display screen gives homeowners access to an easy-to-use advanced user interface. It has a backlit panel, setup Wizard, intuitive text, and click-wheel control. This smart control panel makes it easier than ever for homeowners to operate their brand-new Combi boiler.
  • Heat Exchanger Warranty – Navien believes in the quality and craftsmanship of all of its products. In fact, they believe so strongly in their heat exchanger that they are willing to give their customers a 10-year warranty. If the Combi boiler has a defective component within the 10-year time frame, Navien will replace the defective component or the entire heat exchanger if it fails during normal use during the applicable warranty period.
  • 5-Year Parts Warranty – if one of the Navien Combi boiler parts is defective during the first five years, the company will replace it free of charge for the homeowner. Improper installation, failure to perform regular maintenance, and misuse of potential grounds for warranty exclusions.
  • Low Noise – homeowners like the O’Connells feel comfortable installing their Navien Combi boiler near recreation rooms, media rooms, and other high-traffic living areas in their homes. This boiler runs so quietly that homeowners barely even know that it’s nearby.
  • Long Life – the Navien combi-boiler is energy-efficient and adorable. The stainless-steel heat exchangers are top-of-the-line. They are capable of resisting corrosion much better than copper, which allows this natural gas boiler to last much longer than other boilers and have a much longer lifespan.
  • Energy Star Rating – the highly efficient Navien Combi boiler is a high-performance condensing unit that wears the Energy Star label proudly. By placing the Energy Star label on this boiler, it proves that it’s a highly energy-efficient boiler that cuts down on energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and saves homeowners money in the process.
  • 95% AFUE – AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. This rating indicates the efficiency levels of a furnace while heating over time. A 95% rating is incredibly effective. It means energy bills will cost less because the boiler efficiently burns combustion gases and uses 9.5-tenths of every BTU used with very little fuel loss.

When To Replace A Residential Boiler In Manasquan NJ – Homeowners Guide

Replacing an old residential boiler is often a really big expense for homeowners. That’s why many will attempt to extend their boiler’s life span as much as possible.

Is this really a good idea? The O’Connell family stretched the life of their inefficient boiler for far too long, and they knew it. If they had initiated the oil-to-gas boiler conversion earlier, they would have had the opportunity to cut down on monthly energy expenses while upgrading to a highly efficient heating system with a 95% AFUE rating.

As a homeowner, you’d like to know when it’s best to replace your heating system. The best way to answer this question is to consider your heating system. Is it really old? Is it no longer operating at peak efficiency?

Consider the questions mentioned above and other reasons when it’s best to replace a residential boiler in Manasquan NJ. They include:

Frequent Boiler Repairs

image of a residential boiler repairDoes your boiler require frequent repairs? Do you regularly spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair your boiler every year? Is the cost of repairs half the price that you’d pay to replace your boiler entirely?

Answering yes to any of these questions means the homeowner is better off replacing the boiler entirely instead of repairing an old and inefficient heating system. It’s time to shop around and spend your hard-earned money smarter by upgrading your heating system to an energy-efficient boiler that won’t require expensive repairs.

The Boiler’s Age

The boiler’s age is a major consideration to keep in mind when deciding whether or not it’s time to replace it. Typically speaking, a boiler lasts for approximately 15 years as long as the homeowner regularly performs maintenance.

By the time the 15th year rolls around, your boiler will likely show major signs of significant wear and tear. It will no longer operate at peak efficiency. Plus, newer boilers are much more energy-efficient with higher AFUE ratings as technology advances.

Homeowners with old and outdated boilers should replace them at their earliest convenience.

Boiler Efficiency Reduction

Besides the age of the boiler itself, experiencing damage or neglect will have a negative impact on the efficiency of a boiler’s ability to heat a home. If a boiler is low efficiency, it has to work twice as hard to ensure that the home remains heated at a comfortable level.

With this in mind, homeowners end up paying far more than they would if they had an energy-efficient boiler heating their home instead. The high-efficiency boiler purchased by the O’Connell family in Manasquan NJ is a great example of a high-efficiency boiler with an incredibly high AFUE rating with the Energy Star seal of approval.

What To Consider When Upgrading Equipment Or Hiring An HVAC Contractor To Do This Work

Point Bay Service VanAre you ready to begin shopping for a replacement boiler in the near future? Homeowners should consider the following to help them choose the perfect boiler to meet their needs.

This includes:

  • Product Lifespan – check with the manufacturer to find out more about the life span of your product. Remember, a boiler typically lasts for 15 years if you take good care of it and provide proper maintenance. The longer your boiler lasts while operating efficiently, the more money you’ll save by preserving the lifespan of this important product.
  • Reliability – homeowners should always consider the reliability of a product before spending thousands of dollars to buy a new boiler or heating system. Is it made by a trustworthy brand? Is the product known for its efficiency? Is it known for its longevity and long lifespan?
  • Energy Efficiency – homeowners undoubtedly recognize the value in purchasing energy-efficient products. Not only will they require less fuel, ultimately cutting down on carbon emissions, but they also save homeowners a great deal of money over the life of the boiler. Imagine cutting monthly heating expenses by 25%. It’s possible with an energy-efficient model.
  • Brand Reputation – smart homeowners know that it’s always important to buy products from brands that they trust. Always choose a product from a company with an excellent reputation. The longer the brand has existed, the better off homeowners will be. The brand wouldn’t exist for decades if it didn’t create high-quality products that consumers know and love.
  • Contractor – it’s also critically important to choose a contractor with an excellent reputation. Otherwise, the homeowner might end up picking the wrong company. Point Bay Fuel has faithfully served the ocean and Monmouth counties for more than 110 years and counting!

Are you finally ready to upgrade your heating system? Call Point Bay Fuel immediately to schedule a consultation or request a free quote.

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