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Oil Boiler Upgrade In Howell NJ

Nobody ever wants to believe it, but the unthinkable happens every day.
In this particular case, our customer in Howell, NJ, suddenly found themselves without proper working heat in the middle of a frigid New Jersey winter.

Their 60-year-old 4000-pound boiler suddenly cracked unexpectedly at the worst possible time because it was very cold when it happened. The homeowner had no choice but to go without heat temporarily until they replaced their old, outdated boiler.

To solve their issues, they contacted us at Point Bay Fuel and asked us to provide expert recommendations for a new boiler. Our technician Kevin Mitchell provided the homeowner with a number of different options to choose from. The client chose a highly efficient oil-fired boiler from Energy Kinetics, which turned out to be the perfect boiler to meet their needs.

In particular, the homeowner loved that their new boiler was highly efficient. This means they’ll save a pretty penny on their energy bills moving forward. They also appreciated that our experts Frank, Tom, and Braeden were able to get a few of their previously dormant radiators working at maximum efficiency again. These particular radiators had produced heat for a number of years. Keep reading to explore this oil boiler installation in Howell NJ.

Problem: The Howell, NJ homeowner suddenly found themselves without heat in the midst of a cold New Jersey winter. Their 4000 pound, 60-year-old boiler cracked and could no longer produce any heat. It’s dangerous to go without heat for too long during the winter, so the homeowner immediately contacted Point Bay Fuel to request our expert assistance.

Solution: HVAC specialist Kevin Mitchell visited their home, met with the homeowners, and provided a number of effective options to solve their heating crisis. The homeowners chose a highly-efficient Energy Kinetics oil fired boiler to upgrade and overhaul their broken heating system. Our expert specialists were also able to revive a few of their radiators that had stopped working years ago during the installation.

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Energy Kinetics EK2 Install In Howell, New Jersey

energy kinetics ek2 oil boiler howell new jersey

The Howell, NJ homeowner knew that there 60-year-old boiler was far from energy-efficient. They also knew that it was irreparable due to cracking after 60 years of service. They realized that it was time to upgrade to a highly efficient boiler.

They picked an excellent model by choosing the Energy Kinetics EK2 oil-fired boiler to replace their broken one. The biggest benefits to attract the homeowner include:

  • 88% AFUE – the product page on the Energy Kinetics website states that this particular boiler has up to an 87% AFUE. This means that the boiler does an excellent job of utilizing the bulk of the heating fuel. It burns 88% of the fuel when utilizing oil heat, which means very little fuel is being wasted, so their hard-earned dollars are being used to efficiently heat the home. Their brochure even states that homeowners can save up to 40% on their fuel bills.
  • Clean Burning – not only is the heating system efficient, it’s also a clean burning boiler. This means that the waste oil is also burned by directly eliminating certain deposits. This furnace is special because it’s expertly designed to efficiently burn a variety of waste oil mixtures and use them as heat. This clean burning set up also helps the homeowner save on energy expenses while protecting the environment in the process.
  • Power Venting – this boiler/heating system does not require a chimney. It utilizes a ground-level venting system instead. It utilizes a 10-foot-long flue passage, which delivers a forest counterflow, creating a system for maximum heat recovery.
  • High Combustion Heat Chamber – in this high combustion chamber, the boiler does an incredibly efficient job at incinerating fuel. It incinerates at such a high level that very little fuel is lost or wasted during the process. This high combustion chamber produces safe, clean heat at all times, keeping the occupants warm, comfortable, and protected all winter long.
  • Warranty – Energy Kinetics has an excellent warranty plan in place for residential customers. They offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty and a Three-Year Limited Warranty on defective parts from the manufacturer, which they will replace or repair free of charge. They also have an Energy Manager Warranty, which provides lifetime protection and a five-year warranty for the Energy Manager controls that are now part of your new heating system.

Why Upgrade Your Boiler For Your Howell, New Jersey Home?

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Are you trying to decide whether or not it’s time to upgrade your boiler? Your current heating system might work fine on the surface, but it’s likely energy inefficient if it’s 15 years old or older.

On the other hand, your boiler might require regular repairs in order to function. This is one of many signs that it’s likely time to upgrade your boiler in Howell, NJ.

No matter your reasoning, consider the following potential problems as surefire signs that it’s time to upgrade your boiler today. They include:

Your Energy Expenses Are On The Rise

Have your energy bills suddenly increased even though the oil company hasn’t raised their prices in months?

Not only can this get incredibly expensive, but it’s also a foolish way to continue heating your home because your current boiler is not burning your heating fuel at maximum efficiency. You are throwing away good money needlessly when your boiler doesn’t work at peak efficiency levels.

A new, highly efficient boiler will maximize fuel utilization. So, homeowners will no longer have to spend top dollar in an effort to inefficiently heat their home while wasting money on fuel that never gets properly utilized.

You Are Calling HVAC Point Bay Fuel Too Frequently For Repairs

image of point bay fuel van depicting hvac services

At Point Bay Fuel, we’ll do everything in our power to keep our customers happy. So, if it means visiting your home three or four times each winter to repair your old and outdated boiler, then that’s exactly what will do.

But is this the best course of action? Not really. In fact, it’s far from ideal for any of our customers.

By needing to repair your boiler multiple times each year, the homeowner is spending good money to keep their old and outdated boiler operating inefficiently. This might be necessary at times, but it isn’t the best course of action.

In fact, he can get incredibly expensive every winter. Homeowners are much better off forgoing these repairs and instead replacing their old, broken-down boiler that no longer works nearly as efficiently as it used to. It will save them money, time, and frustration in the long run.

Your Boiler Is Leaking

When boilers get old, they inevitably end up leaking if they last long enough. This is a major source of frustration for homeowners when their boiler's crack and start leaking all over their basement floor.

Sometimes, boilers will leak due to damaged seals, or the boiler has just undergone too much physical stress and it can no longer handle the corrosion or damage, and it starts slowly leaking given enough time.

If you notice that your boiler is leaking, you should contact Point Bay Fuel right away. We will send an expert technician to your house to assess the damage and help you take the next best step to meet your heating needs.

Persistent leaks can either be repaired, or the boiler might need to be replaced entirely. Our expert technicians will help make this determination.

What Are The Benefits Of A Boiler Replacement For Your Brick Home?

benefits of an oil boiler hvac upgradeThere are obvious benefits to replacing your boiler in your Brick, NJ home. These benefits might not automatically come to your attention. To help you better understand, please read and learn about a few of the main benefits below. They include:

  • Lower Energy Expenses – By purchasing a more energy-efficient model, homeowners have the opportunity to cut down on their energy expenses. How so? By burning and utilizing the maximum amount of available fuel, homeowners will not waste as much fuel, which means they’ll need to purchase less over the long run. This is a major cost-cutting endeavor to say the least.
  • Improved Heating Efficiency – Homeowners will remove their outdated, inefficient, leaky boiler and replace it with a brand-new, highly efficient model. By increasing their energy efficiency, their new boiler will consistently and evenly deliver the ideal amount of heat all throughout their home. In the case of a Combi boiler, they’ll never have to worry about lack of hot water again. With a tankless boiler, it can consistently deliver hot water without ever having to worry about it running out.
  • Long Lifespan & Durability – When homeowners install a brand-new boiler, they have the opportunity to choose the most durable option with the longest life span. For example, the Hoey family chose an Energy Kinetics Combi boiler with a proven thirty-year lifespan. They can sleep comfortably knowing that their brand-new boiler is going to last for many decades to come and produce warmth and hot water throughout their home.
  • Quieter Operation – Many homeowners are tired of hearing their old, outdated boiler clanging and banging in the background all day and night. This is very disruptive to their overall peace of mind. A brand-new boiler is definitely made of higher quality materials and built utilizing a more sophisticated design. This will cut down on the noise, while creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment within the home.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact – Upgrading your boiler to a more efficient model will reduce your environmental impact. It doesn’t matter if you stick with an oil boiler, because better fuel utilization means burning less fuel over the long run. This will clearly have a positive impact on the environment and provide greater energy efficiency all while lowering your overall energy bills. By reducing the amount of fuel required to heat your home, you’ll have a positive impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

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