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Oil Boiler Installation In Brick NJ

The Hoey family had a Peerless boiler that did an excellent job heating their home for the past 30 years. More recently, they realized their old and outdated boiler was no longer operating at peak efficiency.

In fact, hanging onto their faithful boiler was actually costing them money at this point because their energy bills were through the roof. Even worse, it no longer produced hot water, which is certainly unacceptable.

To remedy their problem, the Hoey family contacted Point Bay Fuel and requested our assistance and expert recommendations. They spoke with our specialist Kevin Mitchell. He provided a few different boilers as potential remedies.

The homeowners chose the Energy Kinetics EK1T Combi Boiler. Based on the great features and specifications, they knew that it was the perfect boiler to provide hot water and heat for their Brick, NJ home.

The Hoey family was particularly excited about two aspects of this boiler. First, they appreciated that this boiler would save on their oil bills for many years to come. Second, their utility room is located right next to their kitchen.

This new boiler would make much less noise than their old one, which is definitely another major added benefit. The family loves the extra peace and quiet that their new Energy Kinetics Combi boiler provides. Keep reading to explore this oil boiler installation in Brick NJ.

Problem: The Hoey residence no longer received adequate hot water from its Peerless oil boiler. It was no longer operating at peak efficiency either, so the oil bills were becoming incredibly expensive. The homeowners decided that it was time to upgrade their Combi boiler to a more energy efficient model, so they immediately contacted Point Bay Fuel to benefit from our guidance and expertise.

Solution: Kevin Mitchell, a specialist working at Point Bay Fuel, provided the homeowners with a few recommendations for different Combi boilers. They ultimately chose the Energy Kinetics EK1T Combi Boiler, which perfectly aligned with their needs. Our primary technicians Frank, Fran, and Braeden, installed this highly efficient boiler with up to an 87% AFUE. It’s also very quiet, which was very important to the homeowner because their utility room is right next door to their kitchen.

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Energy Kinetics EK1T Combi Boiler Installation In Brick NJ

energy kinetics oil combi boiler brick njThe homeowner realized the value of installing a new Combi boiler in their home. They knew they needed running hot water in their home again. They also decided that it was time to upgrade to an energy-efficient combination hot water heater and boiler all rolled into one.

They made a great choice by picking the Combi boiler from Energy Kinetics. Some of the best features and benefits of this product include the following:

  • Warranty – Energy Kinetics customers receive excellent protection for their brand-new Combi boiler. All model EK1T model boilers have a 3-year limited warranty for residential customers. Additionally, they offer a lifetime limited warranty for the pressure vessel, which they will repair or replace for free during the first 10 years. After 10 years, there is an additional charge based on certain factors that can be found here.
  • Up to 87% AFUE – According to the product specifications page, the EK1T Combi boiler can deliver up to 86% AFUE, which means annual fuel utilization efficiency. The Hoey family certainly appreciate this benefit because their boiler/hot water heater uses the bulk of the fuel that it burns. This means that there is hardly any fuel being wasted, which leads to needing less oil, less often, which ultimately puts more money in their pocket.
  • Quiet Boiler – This particular feature was really important to the holy family. Their utility closet is right next to their kitchen. With their old boiler, they had no choice but to listen to the constant clanging and banging whenever they sat down for a family meal. Their new boiler is outfitted with a silent burner cover. This makes the boiler whisper quiet, which means this happy family finally gets to enjoy dinner in their kitchen and complete peace and quiet.
  • 30-Year Boiler – Energy Kinetics has created a state-of-the-art innovative design that has revolutionized Combi boilers of this type. This tankless coil boiler is known for its quiet operation, energy savings, and fantastic hot water delivery. Even better, this boiler has been so thoroughly tested that it’s proven to last for 30 years. It even says so on the manufacturer’s brochure!
  • Sealix Plate Heat Exchanger – This heat exchanger is part of an innovative design using state-of-the-art PHE. Ultimately, this product is unmatched by any of the other tankless coil boilers in existence today. It is fully capable of reliably delivering continuous hot water on a consistent basis. No other heat exchanger in existence can produce the same results.

Do not hesitate to contact Point Bay Fuel immediately the next time you need an oil boiler replacement.

Top Signs Your Boiler Needs An Upgrade In Brick, New Jersey

energy kinetics oil boiler brick njAre you thinking about upgrading your boiler soon? Maybe your current hot water heater is on its way out, and you’d like to replace your entire heating system with a new Combi boiler. Or maybe your boiler has been in service for many years, and it’s no longer as efficient as it once was.

Regardless of your reasons for deciding to upgrade, here are a few more potential issues to consider that might benefit homeowners in Brick, NJ:

  • Increased Energy Bills – if your boiler/hot water heater combo no longer operates as well as it used to, you’re likely spending a lot more money to fill your oil tank than you had in the past. Upgrading to a new and efficient model will help you maximize fuel efficiency to the highest degree. New Combi boilers are highly efficient and have excellent AFUE ratings. This will improve fuel utilization and help homeowners save as much as 20% on their annual energy expenses.
  • Advanced Boiler Age – how old is your current boiler? Is it between 15 to 30 years old? On average, a typical oil-fired boiler only lasts around 15 years. If you really take care of your boiler, it may last 20 years or more. But it will likely operate very inefficiently. If your boiler is at an advanced age, it likely isn’t heating your home as efficiently as it once did. Some rooms might feel cold while others are extremely hot, your energy bills are likely increasing, and you may be paying for more frequent repairs. If your boiler is 15 years old or older, it’s likely time to replace it with a newer, highly efficient model.
  • Increased Repair Frequency – Have you needed to contact Point Bay Fuel or another HVAC specialist more frequently in recent years? Is it necessary to repair your boiler often at this stage in its lifecycle? If you are being bogged down by frequent repairs, it’s high time to consider getting rid of your outdated boiler and replacing it with a new, upgraded model. Repairs are very expensive, to say the least. In many cases, you’re better off replacing your boiler entirely because it’s on its way out, and repairing it is only a temporary solution at best.
  • Leaking Frequently – As boilers begin to age, it’s mostly inevitable that it will also start to leak. Some of the sources of this leaking may include cracks in the boiler's frame, broken or damaged seals, too much physical stress on the boiler, corrosion, and more. These boilers are known to leak over time. If you have noticed that your boiler is leaking, please contact Point Bay Fuel immediately to assess the situation. If leaking persists, it undoubtedly means that it’s time to upgrade to a new boiler in Brick, NJ.
  • Diminished Comfort at Home – Does your boiler no longer work as well as it once did? Is this leading to discomfort within the home? Or maybe just diminished comfort? It’s possible that your boiler is no longer capable of keeping all of the rooms in your home warm because it heats the home unevenly. This will ruin your boiler’s energy efficiency levels and lead to more inspections and repairs by your HVAC provider. If your boiler is no longer as potent as it once was and it’s lost its ability to heat your home, it’s best to replace it all together in many cases.

What Are The Benefits Of A Boiler Replacement For Your Brick Home?

benefits of an oil boiler hvac upgradeThere are obvious benefits to replacing your boiler in your Brick, NJ home. These benefits might not automatically come to your attention. To help you better understand, please read and learn about a few of the main benefits below. They include:

  • Lower Energy Expenses – By purchasing a more energy-efficient model, homeowners have the opportunity to cut down on their energy expenses. How so? By burning and utilizing the maximum amount of available fuel, homeowners will not waste as much fuel, which means they’ll need to purchase less over the long run. This is a major cost-cutting endeavor to say the least.
  • Improved Heating Efficiency – Homeowners will remove their outdated, inefficient, leaky boiler and replace it with a brand-new, highly efficient model. By increasing their energy efficiency, their new boiler will consistently and evenly deliver the ideal amount of heat all throughout their home. In the case of a Combi boiler, they’ll never have to worry about lack of hot water again. With a tankless boiler, it can consistently deliver hot water without ever having to worry about it running out.
  • Long Lifespan & Durability – When homeowners install a brand-new boiler, they have the opportunity to choose the most durable option with the longest life span. For example, the Hoey family chose an Energy Kinetics Combi boiler with a proven thirty-year lifespan. They can sleep comfortably knowing that their brand-new boiler is going to last for many decades to come and produce warmth and hot water throughout their home.
  • Quieter Operation – Many homeowners are tired of hearing their old, outdated boiler clanging and banging in the background all day and night. This is very disruptive to their overall peace of mind. A brand-new boiler is definitely made of higher quality materials and built utilizing a more sophisticated design. This will cut down on the noise, while creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment within the home.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact – Upgrading your boiler to a more efficient model will reduce your environmental impact. It doesn’t matter if you stick with an oil boiler, because better fuel utilization means burning less fuel over the long run. This will clearly have a positive impact on the environment and provide greater energy efficiency all while lowering your overall energy bills. By reducing the amount of fuel required to heat your home, you’ll have a positive impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

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