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Brielle NJ Boiler Replacement

The Meise family knew that there was something seriously wrong with their oil boiler. Winter was practically here and it’s getting cold outside already, so they had to take the necessary steps to correct this problem before freezing temperatures set in.

The homeowners needed an HVAC company that they could count on to properly diagnose the problem and meet their needs. We weren’t surprised when they called us at Point Bay Fuel to schedule a consultation.

After speaking with the homeowner, our expert technician Kevin Mitchell visited the Meise’s home in Brielle NJ. He met with them and properly assessed the damage, while using his knowledge and expertise to devise the best possible solution to resolve their boiler issues. It turns out that the Meise’s lived in an old Sears Roebuck home, which required the old oil boiler to be vented differently than the original.

Normally, the oil boiler would vent byproduct gases through a brick chimney. But in this particular Brielle NJ home, there was a clay liner inside the chimney that prevented byproduct gases from entering into the home. This style of chimney caused serious issues with the quality of the indoor air, so the new boiler replacement needed a workaround.

In many cases, when the chimney liner is compromised, the HVAC contractor will install a second liner to cover over the original. In this particular situation, this option didn’t exist because the chimney had structural integrity issues.

HVAC specialist Mitchell recognized the problem and devised an effective workaround. He chose to install a direct vent using polypropylene pipe along with the oil boiler replacement. The new vent is the perfect solution to properly remove harmful gases from the home while completely resolving indoor air quality issues at the same time.

Problem:  The Meise household recognized signs that they needed a new oil boiler, including poor air quality within their home. Plus, their oil boiler was old and outdated and needed to be repaired or replaced sooner rather than later.

Solution:  The homeowner contacted Point Bay Fuel and we sent our expert technician Kevin Mitchell to perform an assessment. He determined that the current boiler in their Sears Roebuck home wasn’t repairable, so it needed to be replaced. HVAC tech Mitchell performed an oil boiler replacement and installed a direct vent using the polypropylene pipe to bypass their compromised chimney while removing dangerous gases from the home.

Energy Kinetics EK 1+ Installation in Brielle NJ

oil boiler installation brielle new jerseyThe Energy Kinetics EK 1+ was the perfect boiler replacement for the Meise. It perfectly met their needs and provided other added benefits as well. Point Bay Fuel always looks out for its customers because we strive to provide an excellent experience while saving our customers money on fuel costs by upgrading to a newer, high-efficiency system.

We recommended this Energy Kinetics boiler for a wide array of reasons. But more specifically, we were happy to install this product because of its phenomenal features and benefits which include:

  • 90% AFUE – the beauty of installing a new oil boiler with a 90% AFUD rating is its tremendous efficiency when utilizing fuel. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. A 90% rating means cheaper energy bills because your boiler is burning combustion gases incredibly efficiently, which means you’re using the bulk of the fuel with hardly any loss.
  • Energy Star Seal of Approval – the Energy Kinetics EK 1 is a high-efficiency Energy Star rated boiler. By giving this boiler their seal of approval, Energy Star guarantees that this boiler is not only incredibly efficient, but it also meets Energy Star criteria, which proves that it surpasses certain levels of energy efficiency.
  • Patented Spiral Boiler – the spiral boiler design provides precise water flow control and precision control of flue gases. This delivers the best possible heat transfer, which makes it easier than ever to heat homes and keep them toasty warm during frigid New Jersey winters. Plus, this boiler doesn’t require micro-passages, baffles, or pins, which is excellent because it won’t reduce energy efficiency as time passes.
  • Power Venting – power venting made it possible for the Meise family to completely bypass their compromised chimney, which would’ve been extremely expensive to repair in a different scenario. The power venting option lets homeowners save money due to the system 2000 unique combustion chamber which is used in conjunction with a 10-foot-long flue passage. This allows gases to leave the system clean, relatively cool, and vented through a direct vent and polypropylene pipe instead of a chimney.
  • High-Temperature Combustion Chamber – this high temperature combustion chamber is ideal for homeowners because it makes it possible for the boiler to incinerate fuel fast. This high combustion chamber delivers safe and clean heat, which is precisely what homeowners want because they want to keep their family warm, healthy, and happy during long, slow winters.

The Advantages Of Upgrading Your Home Heating System

image of words whats in it for you depicting boiler upgrade advantages nj

Upgrading your heating system might seem like an expensive proposition on the surface, but you’d be surprised at how many benefits a new heating system can provide.

For starters, by installing high efficiency heating oil equipment, you’re doing more than improving your levels of warmth and comfort in your home. This investment delivers many benefits year after year for a significant number of years to come.

The major advantages include:

  • Save Money on Annual Heating Expenses – one of the biggest surprises that homeowners appreciate is after installing a high-efficiency oil boiler, they’ll significantly cut down on their energy expenses every year. The new heating system is fuel efficient to say the least, so it produces very reliable heat without wasting fuel and your money in the process, which is a huge financial boon.
  • Increase the Value of Your Property – are you planning to sell your property in the near future? Whether you plan to or not, a new high-efficiency oil boiler will increase the value of your property exponentially. Since homeowners tend to move every 7-8 years, this new heating system will add additional resale value to your home and provide homeowners with extra negotiating power.
  • Operating Efficiency Improvement – by upgrading your home heating system, you get the biggest bang for your buck by letting your money make the most out of your heater. The increased operating efficiency means fewer hiccups, smooth operation, and having a heating system in your home that doesn’t require constant repairs or unnecessary maintenance.
  • Mid-Winter Break down a Risk Reduction – it’s the absolute worst when your old boiler breaks down in the middle of the winter. It always creates an emergency situation because it seems to happen on the coldest possible days! You’ll never have to fear this added stress again once you upgrade your heating system by installing a brand-new furnace that works perfectly and purrs like a kitten. After you upgrade, you’ll never have to wonder if your old boiler is going to make it through another brutal winter again.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty – Energy Kinetics truly believes in the efficiency and reliability of their products. They believe this so strongly that they offer their customers a lifetime limited warranty on residential boiler’s. This warranty keeps the homeowner safe and protected for the lifetime of the product, according to specifications provided in the warranty literature.

Why Proper Heating System Venting Is Vital For Your Safety

image of paper cut out of family in hands depicting heating system venting

Every home in Brielle NJ needs heat during the winter because this time of the year can get incredibly cold. Without it, your experience will be incredibly uncomfortable and you’ll get sick far more often than necessary.

Properly installing a flue vent is just as vital for the safety and protection of your home and family. This event is designed to properly expel the combustible fuel exhaust from your boiler and remove it from your home. Without proper ventilation, your home will fill with harmful exhaust fumes and dangerous gases that could lead to illness and even death.

When upgrading your home heating system, a direct vent is an excellent option to have. For starters, these vents come in different sizes, so you’ll find the best option to meet the needs of your heating system.

They quickly and efficiently remove carbon monoxide from the home. Not only will this keep your family safe and healthy, but it will also improve your indoor air quality. This will allow your family to breathe freely and comfortably in the confines of your home during the winter.

With a direct vent, one pipe pulls air from outside of your house and delivers it into the combustion chamber. The additional pipe takes the combustible gas from inside the heating system and allows it to escape into the outside world, while keeping your indoor air clean and free of carbon monoxide and other harmful pollutants and chemicals.

Even better, this direct vent allows homeowners to use a combustion chamber heating system without the need for a chimney. This is a better choice for the environment, and the direct vent has a high safety rating, which means you and your family remain safe and protected.

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