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Gas Conversion & Boiler Install Brick NJ

The Wissen family knew that it was time to upgrade their heating system. They no longer wanted to heat their home using oil heat, so they decided to convert to natural gas. Originally, they chose to work with a contractor other than Point Bay Fuel, but they eventually contacted us to seek our expert opinion.

Unfortunately, the Wissens were facing problems with their original contractor. They decided to get a second opinion. At this point, they contacted Point Bay Fuel to find out how we could help.

Our HVAC specialist Kevin Mitchell visited their property in Brick, NJ, to assess the situation and provide expert solutions. He offered the Wissen’s a number of ways to effectively convert their heating system from oil to natural gas. Two popular options were Combi boilers, with 80% and 95% AFUE ratings.

When all was said and done, the Wissen family chose to install a brand-new Bradford White BFTCF199-NA1XN Combi Boiler, which is a floor-standing combination boiler with high condensing efficiency and a 95% AFUE rating.

What ultimately guided their decision? They loved the idea of a combination boiler that would meet their home heating and hot water heating needs. Even better, they truly appreciated the fact that this natural gas boiler could heat their home using a very small amount of gas. This would cut down on their home heating expenses by a wide margin, which is always a major goal of all of our clients including the Wissen family.

The other benefits of the Bradford White combination boiler include its neater and quieter operation and its expert efficiency. It does an excellent job of heating the room that it’s in without leeching too much heat and making it overly hot, which means the room the boiler is in stays much more comfortable during the summertime. Keep reading to explore this oil to gas conversion in Brick NJ.

Problem: The Wissen family wanted to convert their heating system from oil to natural gas. They originally began working with a contractor other than Point Bay Fuel, but quickly ran into problems with their first contractor. They called us at Point Bay Fuel to schedule a second opinion. Our expert HVAC technician Kevin Mitchell visited their home to assess the situation and provide expert guidance along the way.

Solution: Kevin presented the Wissen family with a few different options for highly efficient natural gas Combi boilers. They chose a Bradford white high-efficiency Combi boiler, which has a 95% AFUE rating. This combination boiler and hot water heater far surpasses their needs and efficiently burns natural gas with very little waste, cutting down on their heating expenses dramatically.

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Oil To Natural Gas Conversion Brick New Jersey

During an oil to natural gas conversion, homeowners can expect Point Bay Fuel to perform the following tasks:

Determine Whether or Not It’s Possible to Convert to Natural Gas

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Some homeowners might prefer to convert from oil to propane, but this is a much rarer choice. Converting to natural gas is the superior option because heating with propane is a more dangerous gas that produces less heat, so it’s not nearly as efficient.

Connect The Home to a Natural Gas Service Line

This next step is critically important because natural gas is very similar to other utilities. It doesn’t get delivered like your typical oil delivery. Instead, it’s pumped into the home via a pipe.

The majority of residential neighborhoods are already equipped with available natural gas lines. If the home already has a natural gas service line hooked up, the homeowner simply has to call the utility company and ask them to turn it on. If a service line doesn’t exist, the utility company will need to install a gas line, which is an additional expense.

Since New Jersey Natural Gas, a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources, provides natural gas services in Ocean County, the Wissen family was already equipped with a natural gas line, so they simply had to call the utility company to have them turn on their service.

Ensure Piping within Your Home Is Suitable for Use with Natural Gas

Was your home previously set up to use natural gas? Then the existing piping should already remain in place. Or, if you already have appliances that use natural gas, then more likely than not, the pipes already exist within your home.

If you’re brand-new to natural gas, it’s possible that installing new pipes for natural gas use might become a necessity. The lines are typically short and come directly from the gas meter to the natural gas equipment that you plan to use. In many homes, the occupants use stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, and heaters that require natural gas.

As far as the Wissen family is concerned, their home was already set up for natural gas use. So, they didn’t need to install new natural gas piping to connect to their Combi boiler.

Remove Old Equipment & Replace It with New Natural Gas Equipment

Point Bay Fuel removed the Wissen’s old oil boiler and hot water heater and replaced them with their new Bradford White Combi boiler.

In some cases, homeowners might choose to convert their existing equipment to natural gas. But this wasn’t the case with the Wissen family. They preferred to buy the most technologically advanced and highly efficient boiler available instead of converting their old equipment into natural gas-compatible options.

Bradford White BFTCF199-NA1XN Combi Boiler Installation Brick New Jersey

Brute FT® Floor Standing Combination Boilers in brick nj

  • 95% AFUE – cutting down on home heating expenses is one of the major reasons why homeowners convert from oil to natural gas. Buying a Combi boiler with 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency is a great idea because it lowers heating expenses while wasting very little fuel, making home heating much more affordable.
  • Warranty – Bradford White provides their customers with excellent warranties covering workmanship or material defects. Their warranty extends from the original buyer and subsequent homeowners for as long as the warranty lasts. To check the duration of the warranty, the homeowner must enter the product's serial number in the Water Heater Warranty Check section of their website. It will tell the homeowner the length of the warranty plus the expiration date.
  • Stainless Steel Fire-Tube Heat Exchanger – the stainless-steel heat exchanger is an excellent addition to this product because, when compared to carbon steel materials, it conducts heat much faster. This means it requires even less natural gas to properly and thoroughly heat your home. It’s also corrosion resistant, which means it’s a more reliable and better-quality product that can perform longer over the product's lifetime.
  • Large Display and User Interface – the large user interface and the display are very beneficial to homeowners and service providers alike. The large screen makes it easy to use and even easier to access. Anyone, including people with vision problems, will have no problem programming and interacting with this large display.
  • Electronic PID Modulating Control – this small electronic device is powerful in nature. The PID controller will constantly and regularly calculate the error value and adjust it to a setpoint desired by the homeowner. It makes corrections based on proportional, integral, and derivative terms, hence the name PID.

Benefits Of A New Gas Boiler For Your Brick NJ Home

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The Wissen family one of the most energy-efficient and inexpensive ways to heat their home and hot water with natural gas. Suffice it to say, the Bradford White Combi boiler that they chose definitely provides the homeowner with a plethora of great benefits.

A few of the top benefits include the following:

  • Energy Efficiency – the natural gas combi boiler that they chose is a high-efficiency model with a 95% AFUE rating. When compared to oil heat, their new natural gas boiler will heat their home utilizing 95% of the fuel burned in the process, which is incredibly efficient. Besides the incredible efficiency, natural gas is cheaper than oil at the moment, which is also quite beneficial for cutting down on your home heating bills.
  • Natural Gas Burns Cleanly – out of all of the fossil fuels, natural gas is the cleanest burning of the bunch. Many homeowners appreciate that switching from oil to natural gas means cutting down on their carbon footprint while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Although still a fossil fuel, it definitely releases fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere when compared to heating homes using oil heat.
  • A Storage Tank Isn’t Necessary – the beauty of heating your home with natural gas is that you do not have to get it delivered and it doesn’t need to be stored in a storage tank. The natural gas is piped directly into your home, which means you’ll never run out of this valuable resource as long as you stay connected to the pipe provided by your utility company.

What To Look For In An HVAC Contractor In Brick, NJ

Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning Company, Point Bay

Hiring the first HVAC contractor to come along is never the brightest idea. As homeowners, it’s important to look for a contractor with the necessary credentials to get the job done right.

When hiring an HVAC contractor in Brick NJ, homeowners should look for a contractor with the following qualifications and reputation. They include:

  • Years of Experience – when choosing a new HVAC contractor, it’s always important to look for a company with many years of experience who are capable of getting the job done right. Point Bay Fuel has been in business in Monmouth and Ocean counties for 110 years and counting. We have decades of experience that we continue to pass down from generation to generation, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality experience at every turn.
  • Education, Licensing, and Insurance – to become a licensed HVAC contractor in New Jersey, the licensee must have a two-year degree from a County College, Community College, or Trade or Technology School. This license is required by law in the state of New Jersey to ensure that the technician properly knows how to perform all refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilating, and heating work up to code. Make sure your HVAC contractor is properly licensed and insured.
  • Home Evaluation – make sure the HVAC contractors are willing to perform a thorough home evaluation to provide recommendations for the ideal cooling and heating to meet the homeowner’s needs. At Point Bay Fuel, our team of expert HVAC service providers regularly perform home evaluations for every one of our customers. This guarantees that we’ll install or repair our customers' heating and air-conditioning units to the best of our ability while meeting their needs.
  • Referrals and References – before choosing an HVAC contractor, it’s always important to ask them to provide you with referrals and references. Are they willing to give them to you? If not, this should be taken as a major red flag. If so, remember to call them and ask them about their experience. Point Bay Fuel will gladly provide you with all of the referrals and references you could ever need.

Gas Combi Boiler Installation in Brick NJ

Are you ready to switch your heating fuel from oil and natural gas? Point Bay Fuel is the perfect company to call in Ocean and Monmouth counties, New Jersey. We’re ready to lend a helping hand whenever you need us.

Maybe your oil boiler no longer works at peak efficiency. Or maybe you’ve decided to move away from oil heat and switch to natural gas because it’s the more affordable home heating option. We can help you no matter the reason for an oil-to-gas conversion. Be sure to give us a call to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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Point Bay Fuel assures the most cost-effective heating and cooling service in the area. We can help you lower your heating and cooling bills while improving your home's comfort and energy efficiency. We can suggest the most cost-effective solution for your house, whether you need HVAC repair or a new system installed and maintained. To ensure your pleasure, we offer a guarantee on all of our work. Contact Point Bay Fuel right away to schedule a service appointment. We'll come to your house and give you a free estimate.

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