Do You Need A Separate Dehumidifier From Your AC Unit In The Summer?

energy efficiency coolingWith the New Jersey summer heat comes humid and sticky air that can make your home and sleeping uncomfortable. Thankfully, you can battle the heat and humidity of summer by using your air conditioning system. One of the most important functions of your home’s AC unit is to remove the humidity from the air in your house. Over time the constant operation of your air conditioner and its continued removal of humidity can take a toll on its efficiency and the way it functions.

Efficiency Is Key

If your air conditioner is working properly then it should remove an appropriate amount of heat and humidity from the air in your home. If you find that there are rooms with musty smells, moist walls, or foggy windows then your air conditioner isn’t working properly, or the amount of moisture in the air is exceeding the ability of your air conditioner.

Ensuring your air conditioner is running efficiently is important to not only cool the house, but also to effectively remove the moisture from the humid air. A reputable company like Point Bay Energy Heating and Cooling can perform regular evaluations and maintenance on your air conditioner and ventilation system to ensure everything is working properly.

HVAC and Dehumidifiers Working Together

Your best option to ensure optimal indoor humidity levels is to have a professional from a company like Point Bay Energy Heating and Cooling upgrade your current air conditioner to one with variable speed technology. This feature allows the air conditioner to more effectively extract excess water from the air before it’s distributed throughout your house.

Take the Load Off

Adjusting your humidity in the summer will help take the load off of your air conditioner and will also improve its cooling efficiency. This also translates into lower energy and maintenance costs over the long term.

Get Comfortable with Point Bay

Overall, an upgraded air conditioner with humidity controls will help you reduce the amount of moisture and sticky air in your house during the summer season allowing you and your family to live comfortably. Having your air conditioner and venting system properly evaluated and maintained by the professionals from Point Bay will also help keep your system working its best.