Ductless Solutions For Historic Homes

Modernize your historic home by having Point Bay Fuel install a ductless heating and cooling system. Fujitsu General is known worldwide as the market leader for providing solutions to manage properties.

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Efficient Cooling And Heating Without Ductwork

Halcyon Mini-split systems don’t require an expensive, extensive installation process. You can manage your system remotely using a smart phone, tablet or PC via the Internet to ensure optimal efficiency without sacrificing comfort. To help encourage the installation of energy efficient products, many local utility companies offer significant rebates for the purchase of a ductless mini-split system.


Ductless Is An Ideal Solution For Older, Historic Homes

In New Jersey, there are several districts full of historic, beautiful houses. The structure and architecture is very old but there are currently still lots of families living in them. Maintaining these homes is a love and responsibility that poses some challenges. Creating an indoor comfortable climate no longer needs to be a challenge when using a ductless HVAC system.

Our solutions provide the modern climate controls you expect in your home with extremely minimal structural impact on your historic home, preserving the home’s charm and history.


Reliable Systems

Fujitsu General Halcyon™ systems are remarkably reliable: more than 99.99% have never had to be replaced or removed from where they've been installed during the life expectancy of the unit.

From wireless remote controls and sleep timers to deodorizing filters and four-way auto louvers for air flow direction, Point Bay Fuel is committed to our specialized functions and supporting devices working as reliably as our heating and cooling systems themselves.

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