Why A Ductless System Might Be Right For You

ductless heating and coolingIt’s important for people to feel comfortable at home, but standard HVAC systems waste a lot of energy. Also, since they keep the house at a single temperature, some occupants may not feel comfortable in their home.

What’s the solution? A system that conditions the air comfortably, quietly, and doesn’t waste money by cooling or heating rooms that aren’t in use. Ductless systems do just that.

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What You Need To Know About Ductless HVAC Brick NJ

What are the key advantages of ductless HVAC systems for a home? Depending on where you live and what your personal level of “comfort” is, ductless systems can deliver major advantages, including the following:

Ductless Systems Feature Quiet Operation

Because the primary components of a ductless system are positioned outside of a home and are relatively noise-free, homeowners don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the system come on or shut off.

Ductless cooling also means that you can go about your waking hours without having to adjust the TV, radio or the tone of your voice to get through that annoying humming sound that so often accompanies traditional forced air systems.

Easy Installation Compared To Forced Air Systems

ductless HVAC system installationAn HVAC contractor can install a typical ductless system in one day. It does not include the need to tear down walls, floors, and ceilings, as is the case when you install or repair a duct-based heating/cooling system in your home.

Enjoy Healthy Indoor Air Quality In Your Brick NJ Home

The built-in, advanced filtration technology of ductless cooling units means homeowners no longer have to be bothered with the hassles of duct cleaning. Old-fashioned systems get dirty very quickly. They must be professionally cleaned regularly to minimize impurity levels that can lead to horrible allergy problems, illness and a whole host of respiratory problems.

Ductless systems run clean. Their filtering is efficient and it simple to keep them clean throughout the year. Owners of ductless systems notice the difference immediately. It’s like having an air purification and HVAC system in one.

How Ductless Works

Comfortable & Happy Family Members

Old-fashioned heating and cooling systems forced you to live in a single-temperature environment. Ductless systems allow homeowners to set each unit to a different temperature. That way, someone in the kitchen can have the room at 70 degrees while people in the living room can have a 74-degree environment if that’s what they want.

Ductless Mini-Splits Make Your Home More Environmentally-Friendly

energy efficiencyFor a smaller carbon footprint, homeowners turn to ductless cooling. Because you can individually control the temperature in any given room (and not use it at all in unoccupied areas), there’s a considerable reduction in energy use, based solely on efficiency.

Also, each ductless unit consumes less energy than traditional system components. So besides the savings from not having to heat or cool rooms you don’t use, the ductless unit uses less power than conventional systems, even when running at full force.

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Money Savings Through Lower Energy Bills

When you install a ductless mini-split system in your home, you could save up to 30 percent on energy bills. That means the ductless option not only helps protect the environment but saves money at the same time.

A More Comfortable Home In Brick

For all-around better home comfort, ductless systems are the ideal choice. They deliver clean, uniformly conditioned air exactly where you want it to be. Home comfort is essential, and a ductless unit has what it takes to get the job done.

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Ductless Configurations Offer Adaptability

One of the key advantages of ductless systems is their adaptability. You can put a unit in any room of the house any time you want. There’s no need to install one in every room, nor is there a need to install all your units at once.



Compared to traditional cooling methods that require a complicated (and expensive) ducting setup, ductless air systems are ideal for people concerned about the environment and saving money at the same time. They’re quiet, install quickly, deliver clean air. You can add them to any number of rooms at any time, and basically, make your home a perfectly comfortable place.

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