Ductless vs Traditional Air Conditioning

Ductless Air ConditioningUsing ductwork to distribute conditioned air from forced-air systems is the traditional way of heating and cooling homes in New Jersey. But the traditional method now has competition with the ductless mini split systems. Choosing the system that will work for your home depends on your home’s individual needs and your plans. Below we’ll discuss a few advantages to using a ductless air conditioning system, but it’s best to consult with our HVAC professionals to make the best choice for your home.

A Solution for Ductless Homes

Older houses that rely on radiator heating aren’t equipped with duct systems, which are used by furnaces to force warm air throughout the house in the winter and cool air throughout the house in the summer.

The issue with radiator heating is the lack of ductwork that would be used for cooling by a traditional air conditioning unit, and installing a duct system into a finished home can be extremely expensive. A ductless air conditioner such as a window or wall unit is the perfect solution to deal with a home lacking ductwork.

4 Reasons to Use a Ductless Air Conditioning Solution

1.  Save Money: Generally half of your energy bill goes to heating and cooling, so cutting back on heating and cooling costs can have a significant impact on your household bottom line. Overall, ductless air conditioning units are more efficient than traditional units and can cut your heating bill down by almost one third.

2.  Target Your Cooling: Most households have multiple people living in them who have multiple schedules and temperature preferences. A ductless wall-mounted unit allows you to customize the temperature in certain rooms and zones to suit the needs of different people.

3.  An Efficient System: Unless you have a very large family, the likelihood of having every room occupied at the same time is pretty low. A ductless air conditioning system allows you to focus the temperature control and energy only on rooms that are being used, or on ones that are used more often. If your home has a workshop or guest room that is used much less frequently than other rooms like the kitchen then constantly cooling them would be a waste of energy.

4.  Easy Installation: If you’ve lived through home renovations, before you know it they can be an inconvenience and create added stress in your life. Installing new ductwork in your home is a fairly large and expensive renovation that can take weeks depending on the scope of the project. For a certified HVAC professional from a company like Point Bay Energy Heating and Cooling to install and test a ductless air conditioning unit, you won’t have to live through any construction at all. Ductless AC units are fairly easy to install in just about any room in your home, and with the help of a professional you can just sit back and wait for the cool, comfortable air.

Go Ductless with Point Bay

Overall, a ductless air conditioning system is an easy and affordable solution to cooling homes that aren’t designed to accommodate traditional air conditioning systems. Our professionals at Point Bay seek out every opportunity we can to assist our customers invest in products that save money and help the environment. To learn more about these initiatives gives us a call at 732-349-5059 for a free estimate or fill out a contact form on our website.