When to Call Emergency HVAC Services

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It is a dangerous situation when your HVAC system malfunctions during extreme weather conditions. The good news is that you can call and book emergency HVAC services to prevent safety risks associated with non-operating HVAC systems. For instance, contact an HVAC professional if you notice odd smells, sounds, or poor airflow. Waiting to book an appointment only places more burden on your HVAC system. Quick action means you prevent further system damage and costlier HVAC repair bills. When unsure, it is best to call an emergency HVAC service to ensure your comfort and safety.

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When To Call Emergency HVAC Services

Call for emergency HVAC services right away if you encounter an HVAC emergency. If you are unsure whether you have an emergency situation or not, this article can help you. Read on to learn more about the top warning signs of an emergency heating or cooling problem.

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What is Considered an HVAC Emergency?

An HVAC emergency is when your structure’s HVAC system malfunctions or breaks down completely. This requires immediate attention to restore the system to normal operation.

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Unusual HVAC System Noises

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All HVAC units emit some level of noise due to the compressor or airflow. Some models may be noisier than others, but the degree of noise usually isn’t loud enough to disrupt your daily activities. 

Your HVAC unit may be problematic if it operates more loudly than usual or emits gurgling or clicking noises. A noisy HVAC unit may be because of a significant issue like trapped air in the refrigerant lines.

An HVAC unit that generates hissing sounds may indicate a refrigerant leak that should be resolved immediately. Some mechanical grinding noises may mean a motor or compressor issue.

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Bad Furnace Smell or Odor

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If you own a gas furnace and smell a strong, unpleasant, “rotten egg” odor in your home, then you should call for emergency HVAC service. This odor is an indication of a gas leak. Leave your home before calling for emergency furnace repair services.

Open windows and evacuate the premises as soon as possible. Call your gas company.

If smell strange odors coming from your AC vents, then call for emergency HVAC service. Debris, deceased animals, or accumulated grime clogging the ducts may cause these odd smells to come from the vents. 

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Rapid Air Conditioner Cycling

An air conditioning unit that turns on and off more often than normal is short cycling. This rapid cycling can point to a faulty thermostat or a more significant electrical connection problem in your HVAC system. You must have this repaired immediately to prevent further issues.

The Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air

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If warm air is coming out of your air conditioner vents, you may require an emergency HVAC repair. This is because a hot and stuffy home causes discomfort that needs prompt solutions.

Different problems can cause warm air, such as a faulty air compressor or blocked vents. You can determine and resolve a malfunctioning thermostat on your own, but a clogged condenser, low coolant levels, and a dirty evaporator coil must be checked by a professional HVAC technician to ensure proper resolution.

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High Humidity

Humidity control in your home is one of the most crucial benefits of owning an HVAC system. You should keep your home’s humidity levels between 30% to 50%. Anything higher than this can result in the air feeling stuffy. It can also encourage mildew and mold to grow, which places your health and structure at risk.

Contact a professional if you think your home is more humid than normal. High humidity levels can cause a high degree of discomfort, such as moisture on your face and feeling constantly sticky. However, low humidity can result in sinus irritation, dry coughs, and other health issues. Keep the humidity at optimal levels so you are sure that you have a healthy and comfortable home.

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Ice Formation on the HVAC System

If you see ice buildup in your HVAC system, it can be because the evaporator coils aren’t operating properly. Determine the cause, and check the outdoor compressor unit to see if there are signs of ice accumulation. Ice formation can happen because of leaks, grime, blockages, and other factors. 

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Steam Coming Out of the Boiler

A boiler with a broken valve or leak can result in steam escaping. In serious cases, it may even cause water to pool around the unit. Do not neglect the issue because it can cause significant damage to your property.

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How To Deal With An HVAC Emergency

It can be stressful and uncomfortable to deal with an HVAC emergency. Try to minimize the impact and ensure it is resolved promptly. Here are effective steps you can take if you have an HVAC emergency:

  • Switch the HVAC system off: Turn your HVAC system off as soon as you notice it is faulty or showing signs of damage. This way, you avoid safety risks. 
  • Call a professional: Contact an experienced and licensed HVAC technician to check your system thoroughly and provide emergency repair services. Many HVAC companies offer emergency services around the clock so you get immediate assistance.
  • Keep the area clear: If there is an HVAC emergency, ensure that the area around your HVAC system is clear of people and objects to prevent injuries and accidents. 
  • Document the issue: Take photos or videos and remember odd smells, sounds, and symptoms your system may have. This assists your HVAC technician to diagnose and repair your system more efficiently.

Remember that HVAC emergencies can be stressful and unpredictable. However, you can minimize its effects and keep your home comfortable when you take prompt and appropriate action.

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How To Avoid An HVAC Emergency

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Be proactive in maintaining your system and addressing any problems as soon as they pop up. This is the best way you can avoid HVAC emergencies. Here are several tips to help prevent HVAC emergencies:

  • Book regular HVAC maintenance: Regular heating and cooling maintenance is crucial to keep breakdowns from happening. Hire a licensed and experienced technician to check and maintain your HVAC unit annually.
  • Replace air filters regularly: Dirty air filters can impact airflow and add more strain to your HVAC system, causing breakdowns. Make sure you replace your air filters at least every one to three months, depending on your home and the type of filter you use.
  • Ensure that the area around your system is clear: The area around your HVAC unit should be free of objects such as clutter and debris so that the airflow isn’t obstructed. This also prevents damage to your system.
  • Address HVAC issues promptly: If you see any strange smells and sounds or performance issues with your HVAC system, call a technician to diagnose and repair the problem before it becomes more severe. 
  • Upgrade old and outdated HVAC systems: If your HVAC system is around 10 to 15 years old or experiences frequent breakdowns, consider a system upgrade. A newer system is more energy efficient, so you save on energy expenses and keep future breakdowns at bay.
  • Consider an HVAC maintenance agreement: Many HVAC companies provide maintenance agreements that include regular checkups, tune-ups, and priority service during emergencies. This way, you are sure that your system stays in good condition, and there is less risk during unexpected breakdowns.
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Time is important when it comes to an HVAC emergency. Act fast and switch the system off. Call a licensed HVAC contractor to provide you with quick and professional service. Do not wait for too long because this can further damage your system and may put your household at risk. Take immediate action and get professional assistance to minimize impact during an HVAC emergency. This also helps your home get back to comfort as soon as possible.

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