Fujitsu Ductless Winner: Point Pleasant NJ

Congratulations to Milca and Todd Yorke of Point Pleasant, NJ. The Yorkes are the lucky winners of our 2018 Fujitsu Ductless Giveaway Sweepstakes. They were using a “through the wall” unit that had just failed. The timing was perfect as they had just started shopping around for a replacement unit.

fujitsu ductless winner 2018 in Point Pleasant NJ

Pictured on this blog post is Fran, one of our expert ductless heating and cooling installation technicians. Fran is installing the Yorke’s new ductless unit (the inside heat unit).

The Yorke’s entered our giveaway promotion from an ad that they saw on Facebook. They figured, “what the heck, we don’t have anything to lose!” Needless to say, Milca and Todd were extremely surprised when they received our call, informing them that they had just won.

How Ductless Works

fujitsu exterior unit

Why Fujitsu Ductless Systems Are The Number One Choice For Homeowners

Whether you’re trying to resolve poor heating and cooling issues in your home or you’re looking for a cost-effective way to condition the air in a new addition or renovation, a Fujitsu ductless mini-split system is often the best solution.

Many people are accustomed to the convenience of central heating and cooling. However, a traditional HVAC system that uses ducts is not always a realistic solution. This is especially true for older homes or when converting an attic or other space into a living area. Sometimes, running ducts to these areas would require extensive reconstruction and is simply not economically feasible. Fortunately, quality ductless systems can provide the comfort you need while also bringing a number of additional benefits.

Problematic Rooms: Uneven Temperatures

new cooling FujitsuFor example, it’s not unusual to have a room or two in your home that just doesn’t seem to get cool enough in the summer or warm enough in the winter. You could certainly adjust your thermostat, making the rest of your home either too cold or too hot. However, doing so also wastes energy. A better solution is to consider how a ductless air conditioner can bring zoned comfort to every room in your home while keeping utility bills manageable. With a Fujitsu mini-split system, you can set the temperature in each zone to meet the specific needs in that area.

Mini Split Units: Easy To Install

A ductless mini-split system is easy to install. It is a great option for new additions or any time you want to enjoy the benefits of whisper-quiet heating and cooling. Since there are no ducts, these systems require very little modifications in order to install. The inside unit is typically mounted on a wall, but its slim design ensures it will not interfere with your home’s décor. The exterior unit can be placed outdoors, well away from windows and recreation areas, leaving you to enjoy the comfort of zoned heating and cooling without the noise that portable units often produce.

Energy Efficient Operation With Fujitsu Ductless

Another great benefit of choosing a Fujitsu mini-split system is that it offers energy efficient operation. It’s easy to waste energy when you’re heating or cooling your entire home based on the needs in one area. For example, if you like it a bit cooler when you sleep, it’s no problem to set your ductless air conditioner a bit lower in that specific zone. You don’t have to cool your whole house just because you want the bedroom a bit cooler. Of course, for the average homeowner, this energy savings translates into reduced heating and cooling bills.

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Final Thought

A ductless mini split system is easy to install in just about any room. Many homeowners use them in a garage, basement, attic, or a hard to cool office space. Some homeowners use them as their whole house HVAC system. They offer a high level of comfort, quiet operation, and money-saving benefits.

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