Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Fall is the perfect time to prepare your home for the arrival of the cold weather. With the cold seasons come shorter days and, in many areas, ice and snow. These conditions make outdoor work difficult. Therefore, it is a good idea to take some time to tackle a few chores before the weather changes.

These chores include trimming trees to prevent any damages during a snowstorm. Also, most HVAC experts will agree that fall is the perfect time to inspect your home’s heating system. Overall, there is a lot to do and a lot to remember. To avoid forgetting anything, it is vital that you have a comprehensive fall maintenance checklist. This way, you will remember everything before the first ice storm arrives.

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Furnace Maintenance Company Shares A Fall Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners

This article will talk about ten simple but essential tasks that you need to accomplish before the cold season arrives. Doing these chores will allow you to rest easy knowing that your home is ready for winter.

Fall To-Do: Schedule Heating System Maintenance

image of a furnace tune-up by an hvac contractor

One of the best ways to prepare your home for the coming winter months is to get your furnace or boiler cleaned and maintained. Call a professional technician for furnace maintenance service. Getting annual furnace maintenance ensures that your system is efficient. It enhances your system’s ability to keep you warm and cozy all throughout winter. Also, tune-ups also help prevent avoidable breakdowns in the middle of winter.

Expert technicians usually use a furnace maintenance checklist. This list helps professional techs inspect your entire system so that it performs efficiently and cost-effectively. Additionally, a tune-up allows the technician to address all small issues your heating system might have. This way, minor problems do not escalate into more significant and costly issues. Overall, the furnace maintenance cost is worth the investment, considering what you get in return.

It is recommended that you do not perform any DIY furnace maintenance. This task should be left for heating professionals who have the experience and training to understand and service your furnace correctly.

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Inspect House Exterior For Damage

To start off, go out and inspect your house’s exterior. Check to see if you find any wear and tear on your siding, roof, and foundation. Signs of damage include buckled, missing, or cracked shingles, and rust spots on flashings. Replace all damaged or missing shingles on your roof as soon as possible. It is best to do all exterior home repairs before the arrival of the cold winter season. Contact a professional to address any damages you see.

Clear Debris By Cleaning Gutters And Downspouts

removing leaves from gutters

Fall comes with fallen tree leaves. Some of the leaves and twigs end up in your gutter and downspouts. Therefore, when most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, you need to get rid of all this debris in your gutters and downspouts.

Also, make sure that the gutters do not sag. You can prevent sagging by tightening the downspout brackets and gutter hangers. Ensure that the downspout extends around five feet away from your house. Any less than that can cause foundation problems.

Seal Cracks And Gaps In Home Exterior

image of person sealing air drafts

As mentioned above, you need to do a close inspection of your home’s exterior. When you inspect your home, keep an eye out for any cracks and gaps. Check the siding and trim of all your windows and doors. Also, examine the areas where wires and pipes connect to the interior of your house.

Air can leak from the cracks and gaps in your windows and doors. When this happens, your furnace will work harder to make up for the drafts in your home. In turn, your utility bills will significantly increase.

Moisture can also seep in through these cracks and gaps. Condensation inside your home will lead to mildew and mold growth and other moisture-related issues. Make sure you seal all the gaps and cracks so as to avoid all these problems.

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Shut Off Your Home’s Exterior Faucets

Before the frigid temperatures arrive, remove any garden hoses from all of your exterior faucets. Drain them before you store them in your shed or garage. Also, to protect your pipes, make sure that you cover your hose bibbs. It is best to conduct this task during the early fall. This way, unexpected cold spells cannot sneak up on you. You avoid any unnecessary damages and other pipe-related issues.

Prune Plants Away From Home

Seasonal garden plants trimming and maintaining

Prune plants and trees during late fall. Make sure that tree branches are at least three feet away from your house. This way, condensation won’t drip onto your siding and roof. Also, pruning correctly will prevent fallen limbs from damaging your home when a storm hits.

Check Your Walkway And Driveway For Issues

Maneuvering around your walkway and driveway can be quite the challenge when they are covered in snow. To make it easier and safer for you, check that the paths around your home. Ensure that they are in good condition. If you have any outdoor stairs, make sure that the railings and walkways are sturdy.

Stock Winter Supplies In Advance

image of snowblower

Snowy winters can make traveling difficult. Therefore, it is best to prepare supplies during the fall. Get your snowblower maintained and fill your fuel canister. Also, check your snow shovels and ice scrapers. If they are damaged, replace them. You also need to purchase a bag of ice melt. Restock the emergency kits in your home and car.

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Check Your Home Fireplace

Make sure that your fireplace is safe. Look inside the fireplace flue using a flashlight. You should be able to open and close the dampers properly. Check to see if there are any obstructions in your dampers. If you notice any blockages, clean it until you see the light streaming down your chimney. To prevent any obstructions from happening in the future, you can purchase a chimney cap. This device will keep mice and other critters from crawling down your chimney. You can also use a chimney balloon so that cold air does not enter your home.


Remove Your Window AC Units Before Winter

If you have window air conditioning units installed at home, you need to remove them before the weather turns frigid. Make sure you store the ACs neatly.  However, if you choose to keep them in place throughout the winter, you should cover the exterior unit with an insulating wrap. This way, the cold air is kept out of your home.

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