Why You Should Call A Professional For Your Furnace Repair

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If you live in an area that experiences very cold weather, you have to make sure that you always have a well-functioning heating unit. You want to avoid a situation where the unit develops a fault in the middle of winter as much as possible. The best way to avoid such mishaps is to ensure that you schedule furnace maintenance on a regular basis. Furnaces go through wear and tear, and even breakdown sometimes. However, if the system is inspected and serviced frequently, you can avoid problems that can arise prematurely.

Although you might feel the need to do a DIY project when it comes to your furnace or even call an inexperienced friend to assist, that is definitely not the way to go when dealing with furnace issues. Find out why it is so important to contact a professional furnace repair company to solve your furnace issues. Not only is it wiser to do so, but it is also a good way to save money over time.

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Signs That You Need To Contact A Professional Furnace Service Company

The discussion below focuses on the important signs that every homeowner should not miss, and which need the attention of an expert.

An Overheating Furnace

hvac air filter replacement

Overheating is usually an indication that you have a blocked filter. Over time, your furnace is going to gather things such as dirt, dust, and many other particulates. It can get to a point where the filter has too many particulates that it hinders the proper flow of air. This causes the heating system to work much harder just to produce the correct temperature.

Overheating is also known to damage a part of the heating unit known as the heat exchanger. It can be quite expensive to fix the heat exchanger. In order to avoid overheating, the solution is to make sure that the air filters are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

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A Faulty Thermostat

homeowner adjusting thermostat

The function of a thermostat is to show the temperature being produced by the heating system. A common indicator that your heating unit is not functioning as it should is a malfunctioning thermostat. If you have a heating problem, check the settings on the thermostat. It must be switched on and then set to “HEAT”. Also, make sure that the fan is at the “AUTO” setting.

If you notice that the thermostat is showing incorrect temperatures, look to see if it has any dust or dirt. Poorly maintained older thermostats sometimes give you incorrect temperatures. After, switching off the thermostat, take a clean and dry brush and clean off the dirt and dust. If there are areas that are corroded, simply make use of a contact cleaner to get rid of the dust; one that is made especially for electronics. Also make certain that the thermostat is placed far away from all heat sources, like stoves and direct sunlight.

HVAC Ductwork Damage

image of hvac ductwork

Your furnace could also not be functioning properly due to damaged ductwork. When the heating unit produces heat, that warm air is dispersed via the ducts in the house. However, if there is a leak caused by a gap, crack or some other damage in the ductwork, warm air will escape. This will lead to the uneven distribution of air throughout your home. If the ductwork is severely damaged, the furnace can actually stop working entirely.

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Why A Faulty Gas-Fired Furnace Is So Dangerous?

One of the downsides of a gas-fired furnace is that it can develop a gas leak, and a gas leak can be very dangerous. The gas which leaks from the unit can be toxic to the occupants of the house, including the animals. Serious health problems can result if you are exposed to gases like methane and carbon dioxide. If you are exposed to some of them for too long, it might actually lead to death.

Apart from being exposed to harmful substances, gas leaks can also cause explosions, fires, and electric shock. That is why you should never attempt to fix any issue with your furnace yourself. This is the job of a well-trained HVAC expert who will conduct the necessary inspection and repair.

What You Can Expect From A Professional HVAC Contractor

There are several benefits associated with hiring a licensed expert to help you if you have a faulty furnace. Some of them are discussed below.

Financial Savings

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A professional HVAC contractor knows how to correctly examine your unit and spot any problems. He or she also knows how to correctly repair the unit if it has any issues, and how to perform maintenance procedures. They also have knowledge of every type of heating system, meaning that they will service or repair your system based on set guidelines for that particular contraption. If you choose to fix any problems yourself, or you offer the job to an inexperienced individual, chances are that you will make the situation worse and end up paying more to fix the problem.

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Safer Home

image depicting family and furnace safety

A professional technician will make sure that the repair process is carried out correctly, ensuring your safety. Any mistake in the repair process could result in the safety of the occupants of the house being compromised. An error could lead to things such as an explosion, fire, or the release of harmful gases. If you notice that your heating system has an issue, call a professional technician to assist you immediately.

Reduced Work Time

Because certified technicians follow set guidelines when identifying and fixing issues, it will not take them too much time to resolve the problem. If you opt for someone who does not have the requisite expertise, chances are that the process will take longer than it should.

Required Skills

image of a furnace tune-up by an hvac contractor

If you choose a professional technician, you will be going for someone who has years of experience in this field. As such, you can be assured that the job they do will be done properly. It is important not to forget that a furnace is a specialized contraption that needs to be serviced or repaired in a specific manner.

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Better Warranty

image of furnace warranty

The warranty which comes with every HVAC unit requires that only a licensed HVAC technician tune-up your furnace. So, if you want to ensure the validity of your heating system, make sure that a professional contractor handles the system. The warranty can be voided if you allow someone else, other than a certified HVAC contractor to repair the furnace. If you choose a reliable HVAC company, the company will make sure that the services they offer you are backed by a guarantee.



If you have a malfunctioning furnace, you are already at an inconvenience. It therefore does not benefit you to let someone who is not experienced take a chance and try to fix the problem. Simply call your local HVAC contractor instead and save money and time.

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