Things To Consider When Choosing New Home Heating System

home heating solutionsWinter is set to arrive soon. When the cold weather does roll in, your heating system will instantly become the most critical equipment in your entire home. If you have a furnace that’s nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s important to start planning for your new heater right now.

You have to spend some time learning about the different furnace makes and models that you can buy. Moreover, you also need to think about the different characteristics of this equipment, such as efficiency and size, before choosing an option to purchase.

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Things To Consider Before A Furnace Replacement Brick NJ

With a good heating system, you and everyone else in your household can remain comfortable for some time to come. More than this, you can save cash for years on end.

What Is AFUE & Furnace Efficiency?

high efficiencyThe AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating is used to measure the efficiency of furnaces. The AFUE rating determines how much natural gas, oil, electricity or propane is being converted by a furnace into usable heat for the home throughout the year.

A 78 AFUE is currently the minimum AFUE rating for home furnaces. The most efficient furnace models, however, are rated at 95 AFUE or higher. With a higher AFUE rating, a furnace will invariably be more efficient. Even though the upfront costs of an efficient furnace design can be high, being able to reduce your energy bills on a long-term basis makes these options more than worthwhile.

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Heating Systems & Fuel Types

furnaceFollowing are three different types of fuel that can be used to power your home furnace:

Electrical Furnaces In Brick NJ

Most experts do not recommend electric heaters. This aspect is mainly due to the rising costs of coal-generated electricity. You should consider using an electric furnace for your home only when natural gas or another heating fuel is not accessible.

Oil And Propane Powered Heaters

Propane and oil furnaces require some storage space since homes that use these fuels have a tank on their property. Also, by using these fuel types, you will need a delivery service by a fuel company when the tank is low.

Home Heating: Natural Gas Heaters

An economical choice for heating your home is a natural gas furnace. Even though natural gas furnaces cost quite a bit more than electric furnaces upfront, they tend to be a lot more affordable to use. Regions that experience long winters tend to benefit from natural gas furnaces.

Furnace Size & Manual J

Finding the right-size heating system for your home is vital for ensuring overall comfort. A Manual J Load Calculation can be performed by an experienced HVAC contractor so that you can learn the exact system size that you need for your home. Commonly referred to as the Manual J, this determines how much heat your home requires for remaining comfortable and warm throughout the months of winter. It accounts for the size of your home, your local climate, the amount of insulation that the building has, and many other factors.

An over-sized heating system or one that’s too small will not be able to warm your home correctly. Your furnace might break down prematurely or it might over-strain if it isn’t the proper size. Always have your HVAC technician perform a Manual J before buying a new furnace for your home.

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Expected Heating System Costs

heating system installationThe majority of your installation costs will be comprised of the costs of the actual furnace. But, you also have to think about all of the other expenses that your furnace replacement price will entail. These include labor, the size of the unit, any air distribution repairs that are needed, among other things.

Furnace costs are a significant part of this investment. Buying a new furnace for your home without considering the different options that are available could result in your missing out on the expected efficiency and performance of your furnace. You could even wind up compromising the quality of your indoor air. As such, it’s essential for you to consider the costs of furnace installation carefully.

Incentives And Rebates For Furnaces

Beyond helping you save money on your energy bills, high-efficiency furnaces offer many other perks. Your new heater might be qualified for utility incentives and rebates. Due to this fact, you could get back some of the cash that you wind up spending on a high-efficiency unit for your home. Speak with a knowledgeable HVAC technician in your area to see what incentives and rebates are available and whether or not your chosen furnace is qualified for these savings.

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To Conclude

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