How To Prevent Accidental Heating Fires

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Our home heating systems help keep us warm and comfy during the winter season. They are expected to be in perfect working condition at all times. However, it would help if you were wary about accidents that your heaters can cause. After all, heaters are among the most common reasons for residential fires.

Do not let your house be a statistic. Many of these accidents can be prevented if you exert effort and pay attention to the heating appliances you have in your home.

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How To Prevent Accidental Heating Fires

This article lists a few heating safety tips you can do to prevent heating fires in your home.

Schedule A Professional Furnace Inspection

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Furnaces utilize heating oil, propane, or natural gas to generate warm air. This way, our homes remain warm and comfortable despite the cold weather outside. Furnaces are made of complex components. Therefore, it is no wonder that a lot can go wrong, especially if it does not receive professional HVAC maintenance annually.

Professional heating system tune-ups include a thorough check-up of the whole unit. Every inch of the system is cleaned to prevent clogs. All flammable materials around the system are also removed. An expert will ensure that you can use your heating system safely. Homeowners can also help by making sure that the filter is cleaned or replaced periodically.
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Get Your Chimney Cleaned

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A fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to a home. However, it needs quite a bit of work to ensure that it remains in good shape. The chimney is prone to soot and dirt build-up. Even if you don’t use it often, it is still necessary to have it professionally cleaned. You can also use products that’ll help keep your chimney cleaner longer. This way, the smoke can escape upwards and not flow inside your house.

Assess The Unit For Any Damages

Chimneys should have airtight sides. However, it can develop cracks as time passes. It could be caused by various reasons, such as poor workmanship, worn-out materials, and water seepage. The air flowing through these cracks can blow the flames unexpectedly. The fire might get fanned to your living room instead of staying within the confines of the fireplace. Any nearby flammable materials can get caught on fire. It is best to have your chimney checked for any structural damage, especially if you have an old chimney.

Install A Screen Barrier

All flammable objects should be kept away from the fireplace at all times. As an add-on safety measure, you might want to consider installing a diffusion screen. This screen will act as a barrier between the fireplace and the room. It will allow you to see the flames from your preferred vantage point safely as it will keep sparks confined within the fireplace. This way, you will have peace of mind whenever you use your fireplace.

Look Into Space Heaters’ Safety Features

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Whenever you are buying space heaters, make sure to look into their safety features. The space heater you purchase should have an emergency cut-off feature in case an accident happens. For instance, your pet or kids might knock the heater over. If this happens, the heater will switch off automatically so that it does not heat the carpets and cause a fire.

Homeowners should also use space heaters in the room while they are occupying it. The heaters should be placed on flat ground, and any nearby flammables should be removed. It is advisable to put it on concrete or tiled floors instead of carpeted ones. There should be a three-feet distance between the space heater and any object when it is turned on. Don’t forget to switch it off when you leave the room.

Clear The Laundry Room

Although you might not realize it, the laundry room can provide an opportunity for a fire to happen. The dryer is connected to a duct that provides warm air. It is also where lint can build-up as time passes. This lint accumulation can catch fire under certain conditions. Although the dryer is equipped with a feature that captures lint, some could still pass through. Make sure to include this duct in the regular cleaning schedule to ensure home safety.

Use Central Heating

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Space heaters can have direct contact with the objects inside your home. This is part of the reason many fires start inside homes. If you switch to central heating, you only need to worry about one room, which you will need to fireproof to prevent fires. This might be a costly solution. However, it can be argued that the investment is worth it if you can save your whole house from catching fire.

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Get Your Water Heater Replaced

The water heater provides you with hot water during the winter months. It also keeps the pipes from freezing. Like any other equipment, it can succumb to wear and tear as well. Some of the issues you might experience include failed heating, mineral accumulation, and faulty thermostat readings. When a water heater experiences problems, a fire can develop. Consider replacing your old water heater or have a professional conduct the needed inspection and repairs.



Fires are one of the most dangerous accidents that could happen to your home. It is worth every penny to control everything you can in preventing it from happening. Seek professional assistance when needed so that you receive the best possible prevention efforts.

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