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When Your Heater Is Acting Funny, It’s Time To Call For Heater Repair Service In Toms River, New Jersey

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Why You Should Listen To Your Heating System

When your heating system is working, the sound you should hear is a low hum. This is an indication that your heating system is working effectively. Now, if the sound changes to something else, this is a warning signal. A screech, a gurgle, or a clank is an indication that all is not well with your heater. Listen to the sound of your heater because an unusual sound is a symptom that something is seriously wrong with the system.

If you listen to the sound your heater emits, you can effectively conduct some furnace troubleshooting and deal with it before it gets more serious. Listening to your heater can also help you perform some effective troubleshooting. In fact, you can use the sound of your heater to determine when you need to carry out maintenance or repairs. Below are some sounds you need to have an awareness of and what these sounds are telling you.


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If your heater emits a banging noise when it is working, it might mean there are loose parts inside the appliance. These loose parts move as the heater is working and that is why you hear this banging noise.

The cause of the banging noise is sometimes due to the expansion of air ducts. If your system turns on, the air ducts may expand and contract excessively. This usually happens when the air ducts are of poor quality, dirty, or too small for the heating unit. Do not ignore a banging noise because it is an indication of a serious underlying problem. Consult a professional for home heating repair so they can give you the proper diagnosis and solve the problem.


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gas furnaceA loud booming noise from your heater is a sign that there is a clear and present danger. This sound is most likely a result of gas buildup. This is dangerous to your heating unit and even more dangerous to your home.

If you do not take action immediately, a gas buildup may lead to an explosion. Talk to an expert as soon as you hear this sound and schedule an emergency heating service repair to solve the problem. Do not delay due to furnace repair cost. Any unnecessary delay may lead to very serious consequences that are not worth taking.

Chirping and Ticking

Your heater should never sound like a bird so you do not expect to hear chirping sounds when the heating system turns on or when it is working. If you have not used your heater for a while and then you turn it on, you might hear a chirping sound. This sound should stop after an hour or two.

If the sound does not stop, it probably means one of the fans or belts may need a realignment. Get an expert to properly align the malfunctioning belt or fan. In case realignment is not possible, simply replace the broken fan or belt.


A grinding noise is bad news so be sure to take action immediately. When the blower wheel detaches from the motor wheel, it causes a loud grinding sound from your heater. It could also mean that the blower mount is malfunctioning. If you hear a grinding noise, turn off your unit, consult an expert, and fix the problem without delay.


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Squealing And Screeching

Screeching and squealing noises come from problems with your bearings. You may also hear these sounds when a belt or fan is malfunctioning. If you hear these noises, you should get your technician to take a look at your furnace. Proper maintenance or repair will solve the problem.


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If you hear unusual noises from your heater, take action immediately. Do not try to solve the problem yourself because you are not an expert. Just call in a competent HVAC technician to help you. Additionally, when a heater emits unusual noises, this places excessive strain on your unit, spiking up energy costs. Furthermore, minor issues inevitably result in major repairs. Therefore, don’t let these warning signs to go on for too long because they will result in higher heating bills and repair costs.

If you are looking for the best “furnace repair near me”, you should contact Point Bay Fuel. Our technicians are NATE certified and they have the expertise to solve any problem you might encounter. Our services are fast, affordable and effective. Just get in touch with us today and we will be happy to serve you.


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