Help! My Heater Won’t Turn On!

Heater Won't Turn OnA furnace is designed for reliability (assuming it’s been maintained) over a long period of time. So, when the heater won’t turn on, it can be very frustrating and cause some major discomfort. Especially in the middle of winter. No matter how much you press the thermostat up a few degrees, nothing happens. There are many variables that could be causing the issue: from simple troubleshooting to complex wiring problems that require a qualified professional. But how do you know?

Here are a few potential causes (and fixes) for this stressful scenario.

DIY Troubleshooting When Your Heater Won’t Turn On

Check the Thermostat Controls

The first step is to check the thermostat and make sure it’s set to “heating.” If it’s set to “fan,” your fix as simple as a flick of a switch.

Check for Power

If your heater won’t turn on, check for a blown circuit breaker and inspect any wires that could have become corroded or potentially gnawed through by rodents.

Inspect the Pilot Light

One of the most common furnace problems is an unlit pilot light. Take a look underneath the furnace and make sure the pilot light is lit. This fix can be as simple as a strike of a match, but if you’re dealing with a faulty or dirty ignitor, it’s time to give us a call.

Check the Air Filter

If your furnace starts overheating due to a dirty or clogged air filter, it could turn off as a safety feature. Your next step would be to check your air filter; if it’s dirty, clean it or replace it immediately. For more information on this, read our blog, “How Often Should My Air Filter Be Changed?”

When to Call for Professional Service If Your Heater Won’t Turn On

If none of the DIY troubleshooting solutions seem to remedy your problem, you may be dealing with a bigger issue including:

Blower Motor Malfunctions

You don’t need to know how a blower motor works to check that it’s working properly for you. If the heater won’t turn on, take a look in the window on the side of the furnace. You should see a blinking green light; if it’s doing anything other than blinking green, it’s time to call in the pros.

Ignition Sensor Issues

The furnace ignition sensor (flame sensor) is a safety feature that basically tells your furnace whether there’s a flame. If the sensor is dirty, it won’t function properly and requires a cleaning.

Dirty Furnace Frustrations

A dirty furnace can cause it to stop working at any time. Turn to the experts at Point Bay Fuel to conduct a thorough furnace cleaning to keep your heat running strong all winter long.

With our Gold Plan, we’ll test and adjust the oil burner for maximum efficiency, using combustion testing equipment, clean and check electrodes and nozzle assembly, and install air filters.  When necessary, we supply an oil filter cartridge and burner nozzle, oil all motors on burner, fans, and circulators and check all safety and operating controls. And finally, where accessible, we will vacuum clean furnace and flue pipe, including chimney base.

Reliable Emergency Service

If your heater won’t turn on or you’re left without hot water, give us a call.  As your local, family-owned business, Point Bay Fuel is committed to being your full service solution. We are available around the clock, ready to handle any emergency heating or cooling problems that arise day or night.

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