Home Heating Oil Burner Efficiency Tips

Home Heating Oil Burner TipsHaving a heating unit that provides comfortable indoor temperatures in a reliable and economical matter is important for any New Jersey homeowner. Though some may think that costly upgrades and installations are required to help improve a heater’s output or reduce monthly bills, sometimes small changes can have the largest impacts. A home heating oil burner is one of the most popular units used to produce heat and keep bills under control. Given the important nature of this component, learning more about it can provide the benefits homeowners want when the temperature drops. Here are a few tips to help any oil-based heater burn more efficiently.

Check Filters Regularly and Change Them as Needed

When an HVAC unit isn’t putting out as much heat as it did in previous years, many are quick to assume that repairs or replacements are in order. However, dirty filters can cause a heating unit to have to work harder to provide the same amount of heat as it would with clean filters. This can lead to a colder house and a higher monthly bill. Checking filters regularly can help any homeowner keep their HVAC unit in peak condition. After removing the filter, hold it up to a light source. If the light doesn’t shine through, the filter should be replaced. Proper habits like this can help make the burner work more effectively.

Block Drafts and Seal Ducts to Retain Warmth

The more heat a unit has to pump into a building, the more work the burner has to do. Every home has areas that are hard to heat. Even if no one is in these areas, they can result in cold air coming into the home and warm air from escaping. This puts more pressure on the home heating oil burner and leads to higher heating bills and, in some cases, heater malfunctions. Supplies for blocking drafts and sealing ducts can be found at most local hardware stores, and these small modifications can produce very beneficial results.

Be Mindful of Fans and Thermostat Settings

A home heating oil burner works best when it is able to perform the task of heating a home without having other factors make the task harder than it should be. While some are quick to turn on fans to circulate warm air throughout their home, this can actually pull warm air out of certain rooms and out of the entire house if ducts are not properly sealed. Many people are also quick to turn their thermostat on high to heat their home as quickly as possible. However, choosing a lower setting and using it for a longer period of time can reduce costs and minimize the amount of effort required from the burner.

Regular Servicing Will Improve Any Heater

Regardless of the make or model, any home heating oil burner can benefit from having regular maintenance performed by trained professionals. Point Bay Fuel is an experienced name in the heating industry and has been serving homes and businesses in the Ocean City area for decades. Getting regular maintenance on heating units is a sure way to improve their output and correct any issues before they become severe. Call us today at (732) 349-5059.