Heating Oil & Natural Gas: A Comparison For Homeowners

As you make comparisons of the various types of heating systems that are available today, you should take into consideration the type of fuel they use. This makes a big difference in regards to your comfort, safety, and heating costs. With this in mind, here is a detailed look at how the heating oil and natural gas compare.

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Service Plans and Their Various Pricing Options

energy costs and home fuel oil Toms River NJNatural gas comes from one major utility, which is different from how you get heating oil. This is why there aren’t as many fuel supply control and management options available with natural gas. With fewer gas suppliers to choose from, you’ll also have fewer options in regards to service plans and pricing.

When using heating oil you won’t have any of these issues. This is because there are so many heating oil suppliers available. Reputable heating oil delivery companies offer a variety of financing options and delivery plans. In this way, they can meet each consumer’s individual needs. As always, it is best to choose one that is known for offering high quality services and affordable fuel oil prices, such as Point Bay Fuel.

Impact On The Environment

Natural gas honestly doesn’t damage the environment any less than heating oil does. In fact, natural gas harms the environment more. This is due to the fact it’s almost fully composed of methane gas, which is what causes global warming.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims the impact of methane gas on climate change is 25 times greater than that of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. What this means is heating oil is environmentally friendlier than natural gas.

Heating oil is available in bio diesel blends including waste soy bean oil. This converts into a fuel that’s cleaner because it’s sulfur free.

Various studies demonstrate that around 0.40% of America’s particulate emissions comes from heating oil burners. On the other hand, natural gas emissions and leaks pose a great risk to our climate. For this reason, heating oil blends have grown much more popular among consumers in the recent past.


heating oil is energy efficientResearch proves modern oil furnaces and boilers offer the best monetary value. One of the reasons for this is they’re easy to maintain and repair because many of their parts are interchangeable. These furnaces are dependable and they last a long time. However, what’s most important here is their AFUE ratings are 95% or higher. This means that these heating systems offer a very energy efficient heating source. According to one recent study, if your home is well insulated, a state-of-the art modern oil furnace will actually lower your heating bill by as much as 40%. Of course, this means it requires annual maintenance to make sure it performs efficiently.


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Home heating fuel won’t explode like natural gas will. In fact, your home heating oil won’t burn until it vaporizes. Natural gas is actually quite flammable. It will explode if an ignition source is present. For this reason, you must inspect natural gas heating sources and gas lines on a regular basis. You’ll also need to install gas detectors to ensure your safety. This is why home heating fuel is a safe energy source. The price point is especially true in comparison to natural gas and its additional needs.


According to Energy Answers Today, oil heat prices have cost less than natural gas over the past two decades in the United States. Of course, the price of both of these commodities does depend on the laws of supply and demand.

Fortunately, there are more oil than natural gas deposits in the world today. This scarcity is bound to raise the cost of natural gas in the near future. When this happens you’ll find yourself paying a lot less for heating oil than you’ll pay for natural gas.


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Home Heating Oil Toms River NJ

America depends on heat from either natural gas or heating oil. However, heating oil is a much more attractive option. This is thanks to its price, safety, environmental impact, service plans and efficiency. So, when you’re looking for the best price for heating your home, look no further than heating oil itself. Even when this requires you install a need heating source in your home, you’ll still come out ahead by choosing heating oil.

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