Why Is It Hotter Upstairs Than Downstairs?

cold downstairs and hot upstairs in homeIf it were a perfect world, all the rooms in every building would be heated at the same temperature at all times. However, in reality, areas of a building that in the upper levels are typically much warmer than rooms in the lower level. For example, you may notice that in your home, it is cooler downstairs than upstairs. Below is some information about why this is the case and steps you can take to resolve the problem:

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HVAC Company Beachwood NJ: How To Maintain Even Temperatures In Your Home

Because freezing temperatures are not uncommon during winter, it is essential to have your heating system serviced before the coldest months of the year. Cleaning the air ducts is essential as well. Also, to boost the performance and efficiency of your heating system, you should replace air filters on a regular basis.

Regular furnace tune-ups improve your indoor air quality as well. You should only hire qualified HVAC technicians with plenty of industry experience to maintain your furnace. Never attempt to make repairs on your own without the help of a professional.

Your heating system works to keep the indoor temperature of your home comfortable during winter. For this reason, it is vital that you implement the appropriate measures to make sure both your upstairs and downstairs have an even level of heat.

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Why Temperatures In Your Home Differentiate

The Warm Air Rises To Your Second Story

hvac ductsIf your home’s ductwork is poorly designed and not appropriately sized, the required airflow will not reach all of the rooms evenly. If the ducts that connect to your home’s upper levels are bigger than those in the lower levels, the majority of warm air will travel upstairs, and this leads to uneven temperatures in your home.

You Possibly Have Improper Ductwork Sizing

When your heating system heats the cold air, the volume of the air increases. Therefore, its density decreases. This process results in warm air being pushed in an upward direction as it is displaced by cold air. If your home features different levels, it is normal for the hottest air to rise to the highest levels of your house. This reason is why it is hotter upstairs than it is downstairs.

Your Thermostat Is In An Improper Location

adjusting thermostatYour thermostat is necessary to switch the furnace on and off at the appropriate times. If the room temperature goes below the desired level, the thermostat initiates the heating cycle.

Because thermostats are typically found in the living room, they are not always efficient in controlling the temperature of upstairs rooms. For example, if the bedroom on the second level of your home has already met the appropriate temperature, but the temperature in the living room drops, the thermostat clicks on, and the furnace raises the overall temperature, thus pushing your bedroom into a higher than desired temperature.

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Best Ways To Maintain An Even Temperature In Your Home

Point-Bay-Fuel-LogoMulti-zone heating can assist you to keep all the rooms of your home at an even temperature. However, this means that various zones in your home will require individual thermostats. This is the best way to make sure that chillier rooms can be heated independently when temperatures drop, without making rooms that are already at the desired temperature too hot.

Although installing this type of heating system can eliminate an uneven temperature in your home, it is essential to have the system installed by an HVAC contractor. They can inspect the system and uncover any issues that require attention. Once they identify these problems, the HVAC professional can make the appropriate repairs or replacements. This way, they can make sure your heating system works efficiently this winter.

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Make sure you contact Point Bay Fuel for all of your heating system needs. Our team of NATE-certified contractors has the skills and experience to find the most appropriate, cost-effective and practical ways to maintain a balanced temperature throughout your home at all times.

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