Respiratory Issues That Are Caused By Your HVAC System

Summer is here, and it is the time of year to enjoy the sunny weather and outdoor activities. However, if you find yourself sniffling and coughing in bed instead, you might wonder what could be causing these respiratory issues. Unfortunately, the culprit may be your HVAC system.

Dirty HVAC ductwork can be the reason why you are feeling sick. It has the potential to cause many unwanted symptoms. Moreover, these symptoms can lead to serious health issues for you and your family.

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How HVAC Repair & Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Respiratory Issues

HVAC contractorYour HVAC system is in charge of maintaining your indoor air quality. In this article, we will explore how a dirty HVAC system can cause a variety of respiratory problems for you and your family.

Dirty Heating And Cooling Air Ducts In Your Home

The ductwork in your home acts like your body’s circulatory system. It is responsible for two things. First, air ducts distribute conditioned air from your AC or furnace to the vents inside your home. Secondly, it provides adequate ventilation so that your home has an appropriate amount of airflow.

One of the most common issues regarding air ducts is their cleanliness. Your HVAC ductwork is mostly hidden from view. Thus, it is easy to neglect that it also needs to be cleaned. Dust buildup in your air ducts can reduce the quality of your indoor home environment. Moreover, dirty ductwork can attract pests such as rodents and insects.

However, what you need to worry about is the growth of mold and bacteria colonies. As dust and other debris continue to accumulate, it eventually attracts condensation. This dampness is a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Overall, dirty air ducts pose a severe health hazard to you and your family.

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Bad Indoor Air Quality Causing Respiratory Issues

respiratory problemsDirty air ducts circulate dust, pollen, and other allergens inside your home. These allergens promote trouble with breathing and respiratory illnesses. If you find yourself coughing, getting sore throats, and sneezing more often than before, then it is possible that it is time to get your ductwork checked and cleaned.

Remember, your ductwork provides the primary ventilation in your home, especially with all the doors and windows shut. Thus, prolonged breathing of this polluted air may cause severe respiratory issues. Colds, shortness of breath and asthma attacks all stem from improper ventilation.

Moreover, when mold grows in your dirty ductwork, musty odors will permeate inside your home. Even worse, the presence of mold can cause more dangerous illnesses. An infestation of toxic black mold in your home causes chronic coughing, irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, chronic fatigue, rashes, and more. The longer you ignore the black mold, the worse the symptoms become. You might experience, nausea, nosebleeds, vomiting, and bleeding in the lungs.

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Faulty HVAC: Other Health Issues

asthmaAside from respiratory issues, listed below are other illnesses a dirty HVAC system can cause:

Reduce Dehydration Issues With Proper Humidity Controls

Your HVAC system acts as a humidity control system as well as a temperature control system. Unfortunately, leaky ductwork can cause the indoor air to dry out even more. Pulling too much moisture from the indoor atmosphere causes dehydration to the inhabitants of your home. You need to drink plenty of fluids to compensate for the loss. Also, clean and repair your ductwork to prevent this from happening further.

Reduce Headaches With Better HVAC Venting

Dehydration can also cause headaches. Fluid loss can cause your brain to shrink and pull away from your skull. This consequence triggers pain receptors in your brain, causing you mild to severe headaches.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause a severe type of headache. When your furnace is malfunctioning, gas leaks can happen. Gas leak results to more carbon monoxide and less oxygen for you to breathe in. Aside from headaches, you will also experience dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, to name a few.

Improve Indoor Air Quality To Help With Skin Irritation

Humidity problems cause your skin to be dry and itchy. Moreover, dust and other allergens from your dirty air ducts only aggravate these skin issues. You might eventually get itchy rashes and other skin ailments. If you have pre-existing skin conditions such as psoriasis, your dirty ductwork will only make it worse.

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What You Can Do About Bad Indoor Air Quality

The best thing to do is to contact a licensed professional to inspect and clean your ductwork. Make sure that they conduct a tune-up and any necessary repairs. This preventative measure will ensure that you have high indoor air quality. In turn, you will avoid the illnesses and other harmful consequences that are triggered by dirty air ducts or malfunctioning HVAC systems. A malfunctioning system will not correctly circulate or clean the air in your home. Therefore, it is paramount to have a clean system that is able to do its job.

Conclusion – Regular Maintenance Improves Home Comfort Quality

Make sure to schedule routine inspections for your HVAC system. Schedule tune-ups on an annual basis for your furnace and AC unit. Also, when you have any issues, address them right away by scheduling repairs when necessary.

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