What Homeowners Should Know About Their HVAC Air Filters

HVAC air filterPart of being a responsible property owner is completing home maintenance on a regular basis.

For example, if a person does not have his or her furnace serviced on at least a yearly basis, problems with the unit breaking down and unnecessary expenses are usually the result.

One important task that should never be overlooked with regard to an HVAC system is the changing of air filters.

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HVAC Systems And Indoor Air Quality: The Role Of Your Air Filter

Replacing dirty filters with new ones is a simple and inexpensive task that is often the difference between uninterrupted year-round comfort in your home and costly repair bills. You can have this task taken care of by an HVAC professional. Air filters are one of your system’s most essential parts, and below are two of their vital functions:

Air Filters Keep The Unit Clean

HVAC air filters keep debris such as dirt and dust from causing clogs in the air-conditioner’s evaporator coil and in the furnace’s heat exchanger. Blockage of this kind restricts airflow, which results in reduced performance, and subsequently higher utility bills. If air filters are extremely clogged, it can even result in a total breakdown of the HVAC system.

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Improved Indoor Air Quality In Your Residence

The air filters in an HVAC unit are responsible for keeping a normal flow of air circulating through the home. In addition, the filters catch and trap airborne debris, which ensures that the air quality in the home stays at a healthy level. Because air filters play such a vital role, it is essential to purchase filters that will effectively trap air pollutants, such as the aforementioned dust and dirt. This ensures that you and your loved ones are breathing the cleanest air possible.

Servicing Your HVAC System Correctly

indoor air quality and hvac filterYou may have wondered how often you need to have your HVAC unit serviced by a reputable and experienced technician. In most cases, yearly servicing is sufficient. HVAC systems are comprised of many moving parts, such as belts and ductwork. If belts are dry or cracked, problems can develop. Similarly, if rust or cracks are present in the coils, fans or ductwork, the operation of the system may be restricted. Most professionals lubricate such parts and inspect them for damage to determine if replacement is necessary. To ensure optimum results, a properly trained professional should be the one to decide whether or not repairs or replacements are necessary.

Regarding thickness, air filters typically measure one to four inches. One inch is generally the most common size for a home. However, because this differential is present, it is best to check your specific system requirements before purchasing air filters for your HVAC unit. Alternatively, you can simply hire an expert to handle the changing of the filters.

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Air Filter Maintenance & Care

Investing in high-efficiency air filters does little or no good if the filters themselves are not replaced regularly and properly cared for. If particles accumulate in the filters, your system will be forced to work harder. A dirty filter increases your energy bills, raises the risk of malfunctions, and negatively affects the system’s overall performance. Fortunately, caring for the filters properly can eliminate many of these problems.



Property owners who have their HVAC filters replaced or cleaned on a regular basis can avoid system downtime. Likewise, they can avoid high energy costs and expensive repairs. In addition, regular maintenance improves indoor air quality. An HVAC professional can offer additional suggestions when conducting an annual home furnace inspection.

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