4 Myths about Home Heating Busted

Home Heating MythsA heater is one of the most popular utilities for any home. Given the fact that these units are so common, nearly everyone has tips and suggestions when it comes to home heating systems and efficiencies. Just like any topic you research, it is important to make sure that this information is accurate – especially if you’re searching around online. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between the myths of home heating and the accurate sources of information. Trust in Point Bay Fuel professionals to help you understand four of the top common myths about home heating so you can make some educated decisions.

# 1. A More Expensive Heater Is Always Better

It is admittedly easy to judge appliances by their price tags. Nearly everyone likes to brag about their new home amenities and sometimes it can be easy to assume that these types of costly upgrades are solely responsible for improved indoor temperatures. However, this is not always the case. True, newly installed heaters perform well largely because they haven’t been used previously but clean filters and fresh parts are largely responsible for the output a heater can provide. Getting a heating unit cleaned and serviced regularly is an economical way to increase its performance without spending large amounts of money on new and improved models.

#2. A Heater Is Fine So Long As It Is Operational

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it; this quip has become common when discussing many things and heaters are no exception. Many think that as long as a heater is working, there is no need to service it. Contrary to what some believe, an operational heater is not necessarily an optimal heater. Dirty filters, broken parts, and other issues can decrease the output of any heater and causes bills to become larger. Regular maintenance is vital for getting the most cost-efficient result from any home heating system.

#3. Some Areas Can’t Be Heated Efficiently

Even the most robust and powerful heating units can sometimes struggle to heat certain areas of a home. Many think that this is unavoidable and that it is an inconvenience that must simply be tolerated. However, many colder areas in a home are the result of drafts and air flow. This can be easily remedied by sealing ducts and cracks. This can be done by nearly anyone with simple materials purchased from a local hardware store.

#4. All Heating Companies Are the Same

Unfortunately, many contractors cut corners to keep costs low. It’s important to seek out a trusted, high-quality company such as Point Bay Fuel for all your home heating needs. While plenty of companies will offer heating services, there are numerous factors that separate good choices from great ones. Not only should customers look for a company with plenty of experience and strong testimonials, but also one that provides additional services for both residential and commercial such as oil delivery, HVAC installations, 24/7 emergency repairs and more. Contact the professionals at Point Bay for more information.

Point Bay Fuel is a well-versed leader in the heating industry. With a history of providing reliable service to homeowners for a variety of heater-related issues, this company can be an asset to homeowners. Not only can they provide useful technical services, but they can give valuable information concerning heaters to make sure homeowners only get accurate information when it comes to keeping their place of residence warm for an affordable price.