Tips For Making Home Heating Oil Deliveries Easy During The Winter

home heating oilWhenever you’re reliant on heating oil to keep your home warm, it’s critical that you keep oil in the tank. This task can be a major challenge during the severe months of winter.

The winter is the peak season for many heating oil delivery companies. Not only that but when weather conditions are severe, it can slow down fuel deliveries significantly. Many oil suppliers will not deliver fuel when they arrive at a home that has not had a path shoveled. Therefore, it is important to prepare your home when you have ordered heating oil.

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Preparing For Home Oil Deliveries In The Winter Season

During the winter, it is important to keep things easy for your delivery driver. There are a few key steps that you must take when preparing your home for a heating oil delivery.

Check To Ensure That Your Location Is Visible

It is important that your heating oil delivery company can find your home with ease. Check to ensure that your house number is displayed clearly so that the driver can spot it right away. This way, your driver can get your home heating oil to you without any issues and can start the actual delivery process as quickly as possible. If the house number is not visible, your delivery could be postponed until the unit is easier for drivers to spot.

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Create Ease Of Access For Your Fuel Supplier

home fuel oil delivery serviceIf it will be necessary for the driver to pass through any gates to access your inlet, leave these gates open or make sure that your driver can access them with ease. Keeping access gates locked is a sure way to have your heating oil delivery get returned for rescheduling. Unlocking your gate is something that you want to remember if no one is going to be in the home during the time of your delivery window.

If your fill pipe is situated in a fenced yard and you happen to own a dog, make sure that your dog isn’t around when your delivery driver passes through. The absolute best strategy for ensuring a safe and seamless delivery is to make sure that your fence travels beyond the fill pipe so that there are not any problems with access.

Clear The Area Out Before Your Oil Delivery

Your delivery driver is going to need direct access to the inlet upon arrival. As such, it is important to get rid of any debris. Your driver will carry a large hose to the inlet, and thus, both your provider and the necessary equipment should be able to move through this space safely and easily. Make sure that all rocks, branches and other debris and potentially hazardous obstructions are cleared from the walkway that travels to your inlet from the street or driveway. If there are bushes surrounding your inlet, keep these trimmed so that your provider can easily access the entry point.

Remove All Snow And Ice On The Day Of Your Heating Oil Delivery

snow blowerIt is important for your driver to be able to do his or her job safely.

In certain cases, when drivers identify significant hazards on the premises, they may not be able to complete their deliveries and will often have to reschedule them. The hose is heavy, and if your walkways are covered in snow and ice, this is dangerous. Many delivery drivers will do what it takes to deliver the oil that a household needs. However, no one wants to fall and get hurt in the process.

Get rid of recent snowfall by shoveling your driveway. Your driver should not have to climb over or wade through snowbanks in order to reach the site.

Remember that ice can also be a problem on your paths. You definitely don’t want your provider slipping and falling while trying to carry the hose to the inlet.

You can avoid the high costs of scheduling an emergency delivery by having your heating oil delivered regularly. Always check to ensure that your driver can easily and safely access the delivery point and that all potential hazards on driveways, walkways and in the yard have been eliminated.

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Take advantage of these tips to make sure that your home heating oil deliveries are always smooth and easy. For first-rate service and heating oil at competitive prices, call Point Bay Fuel right now.

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