24/7 Residential & Commercial AC Emergency Repairs

Are You Stuck in an AC Emergency?Toms River, NJ gets plenty hot in the summertime; and the last thing you need is an air conditioner that suddenly breaks down the very moment when the thermometer reaches 101 degrees. An AC emergency is unpredictable and can happen any time, but when it does happen, you need to take care of it quickly. Because without proper air conditioning, high heat can not only make your home or business feel like an oven, but it can be a dangerous health risk, too.

At Point Bay Fuel, our NATE certified technicians are ready to offer residential and commercial AC emergency service anytime, day or night. But if an AC emergency does arise, you can trouble shoot a few things first and make sure you know how to stay cool while you wait.

Troubleshoot an AC Emergency

It’s natural to worry a bit when your AC shuts off in the high heat of the day. But don’t panic. Before you call in for emergency service, let’s check to see if the problem could be easily solved on your own.

First, check the circuit breaker in your home or place of business to see if it has cut off power to the system. If it has, try restoring the power and see if that corrects the issue. If the circuit breaker is triggered again, it’s time to call in a repair service.

Next, check your thermostat to make sure the programming hasn’t become mixed up or accidentally turned off. Sounds obvious, but it happens all the time.

And finally, check the outside unit of the air conditioner to make sure debris and leaves are removed from the vents for proper air flow. Once you check those three things, call in the trusted technicians at Point Bay Fuel.

In the Meantime…Keep Cool

Once you call us and our technician is on the way, it’s important to keep the system turned off until we arrive. If you run your AC, it will most likely only cause more damage. Be patient and stay cool by other means. For example, lower all the shades to reduce the amount of sunlight shining in the windows, dress in lightweight clothing, run portable fans (those not connected to your HVAC), put some ice on your wrists and be sure to stay hydrated as much as possible. And since heat rises, camp out downstairs as much as possible. Or call a neighbor for an impromptu visit.

Scheduled Maintenance

Point Bay also offers HVAC service agreements to help maintain your heating and cooling units. For those who would like convenient scheduled maintenance during the winter and summer months, our service agreements are for you! Plus, increase your system’s longevity and efficiency with pre-season tune-ups to make sure your units are all up to code.

Toms River 24/7 Heating and AC Emergency Service

With top-rated customer service and AC emergency maintenance 24/7, Point Bay is the most reliable Toms River heating and air conditioning company around. Our customers have trusted us year after year to keep their families warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but do not take our word for it; just ask our customers. Give us a call at (732) 349-5059.