Determining the Right Size of Oil Tank for Home Heating

family in home with right size of oil tankWhether you’re moving to a new home or in the middle of a construction process, you may be curious about the optimal size of oil tank for home heating. Or perhaps you’ve lived in your home for months but just never thought about how many gallons your tank holds. Well, the good news is you’re not alone and the Point Bay Fuel experts have some answers.

Understating the size of your tank and how much it holds is an important key to keeping your family warm and safe all winter long. Let’s take a look.

Standard Size of Oil Tank for Home Heating

Fuel capacity for the standard size of an oil tank for home heating is typically measured in gallons; heating oil tank sizes can vary greatly from holding 250 gallons to as much as 31,500 gallons. The best tank size for your home really depends on the size of the space it needs to service as well as how long it’s going to be used. But the average sized tank is 275 gallons.

Deciding on what size tank you need can be a big decision; many experts recommend that residents with one or two bedroom homes should get tanks of at least 275 gallons for adequate heating. Larger homes require larger tanks.

How Can I Find Out How Many Gallons My Tank Holds?

Modern oil tank manufacturers should have clear labels on tanks with the amount of oil that they hold. But older tanks may not be labeled as clearly. The easiest way to find out how many gallons your tank holds is to have the tank filled from empty; however, if that isn’t possible, there are a few ways to estimate this number if you’re not sure.

If your oil tank is above ground (in the yard or in your basement), and measures 44” high by 60” wide by 27” deep, it’s average sized, which holds 275 gallons. 

Most in-ground tanks are standard sizes, including:  288, 340, 420, 518, 550, 555 or 675.

During your next oil delivery, ask one of our service technicians to measure the tank before and after adding the oil.  By measuring the change in oil level, we can then more accurately estimate your tank size.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Fill My Oil Tank?

It is always best to fill your tank before the heating season begins. For example, by keeping your tank full or at least mostly full in the summer months will help prevent water build up in your tank due to condensation. But it’s never too late.

Reliable Oil Heat for the Home

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