Seal and Save: 6 Green HVAC Energy Efficiency Fixes

heating and cooling system energy efficiencyInfiltration, known as air leaks, occurs when outside air makes its way inside through cracks and openings in a house. And this problem exemplifies when the AC kicks on and that cooled air leaks out. Proper air sealing can significantly reduce cooling costs, improve HVAC energy efficiency and create healthier indoor air quality.

Here are six strategies to ensure your home is sealed up to save big this summer.

Seal Up Your House This Summer With These 6 Green HVAC Energy Efficiency Fixes

  1. Thinking Thermostat: A smart, wireless thermostat linked to your home network saves on cooling costs because your phone helps control the settings while you’re away. The EcoBee, for example, comes with remote sensors that you can position around the house to determine the temperature in multiple rooms at once. This keeps your system from pumping cool air into empty spaces saving you about 25 percent on home cooling costs.
  2. Entry Doors: Replace any ripped seals around the top and sides of your door with adhesive-backed closed-cell foam that compresses to fill the seam when your door is closed. While you’re at it, install a tight-fitting rubber sweep on the bottom as well. These simple fixes can prevent air from escaping and save as much as 10 percent of energy costs.
  3. Windows: Your home can lose a lot of energy through gaps between windows and framing. Be sure to lock windows when you have the air conditioner running to pull them tight. Fill gaps with minimally expanding polyurethane spray foam designed for windows and doors.
  4. The Shell: All that goes into and out of your walls, such as plumbing, electrical, dryer vents, and TV cables, can leave openings that loose cool air without you even realizing it. Look for gaps and cracks around those areas as well as where the foundation wall meets the basement floor. Fill holes with either expanding polyurethane foam or caulk where necessary.
  5. Insulation: To prevent energy loss through walls and attic floors, add insulation of recycled denim or fiberglass batts with 60 percent recycled content.
  6. HVAC Equipment: Save on home energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time with innovative energy efficiency HVAC products. Plus, many government sponsored rebates and incentives are available for those green choices making your savings even bigger.

If upgrading to energy-efficient models are out of the budget, it’s worth scheduling a maintenance check with your trusted, local heating and cooling technician. Our experts at Point Bay Fuel can assess your system, clean the unit and make any recommended repairs to increase HVAC energy efficiency.

Maximize HVAC Energy Efficiency

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