Achoo! Signs You Need To Change Your Air Filter

Achoo! Signs You Need To Change Your Air FilterThe air conditioner’s dust filter is a vital part of any cooling system. Its job is twofold: to keep dirt and dust out of your air conditioner’s inner workings, and make sure that dirt and dust never make it into your lungs. After a couple of months, an air filter will begin to get clogged up with all of those harmful particles. When this happens, your filter may end up doing you more harm than good!

How do you know when it’s time to change your air filter? Here are just a few signs that you need to be looking out for to ensure the purest air possible. Queue the sneeze…

Dust around the House

Dust around the house is a telltale indicator that you need a new air filter. Normally, a semi-clean filter will let clean air through, only hindering the particles in the air. However, as those particles build up, they begin to build a barrier on the filter, creating resistance and making it difficult for air to pass through. When pressure builds up, the result may be dust particles passing the filter and ending up in your air.

Allergens Afloat

Allergens, like pollen, mold, dander and ragweed, may not always be as easy to see as dust, but if they pass through your filter, you’ll begin to feel them. If you have any airborne allergies, you count on the filter to stop allergens before they get to you. If you suddenly begin coughing or sneezing when you turn your cooling system on, it’s time to change the air filter.

Where’s the Air?

As mentioned before, dust, dirt and other particles can build up a barrier on your air conditioner’s filter. When that happens, some particles may get through the filter, but unfortunately, much of the cool air won’t. If you notice your air conditioner is releasing little-to-no cool air, it may be that the air is having a hard time passing your filter!

Why is the Air Warm!

No one wants warm air in the middle of the summer! If you’re switching on your AC and noticing the air is warm, your filter may be the culprit yet again. When your air conditioner’s airflow is restricted, it may cause the system’s compressor to malfunction. Since the compressor is responsible for moving the refrigerant that helps cool the air, the result is warm air!

Make Maintenance a Routine with Point Bay Fuel

None of these signs are desirable, but luckily all of them are avoidable. To make sure you won’t have to deal with these issues, change your filter roughly every three months. The easiest way to do this is as part of a regular inspection, so why not let Point Bay Fuel handle the job? Schedule a service appointment today, and the professionals at Point Bay will handle the filter change for you, and inspect the rest of your system while they’re at it! Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your filter changed, unit maintained, and enjoy clean, cool air all summer long.