Surprising Benefits of Heating Your Home with Oil

Today’s heating oil industry continues to provide consumers with an affordable, efficient, and cleaner product.

The price per gallon of heating oil continues to drop. The national average per gallon is almost a dollar less than it was in 2014. The projection for 2016 is promising, as the price will remain lower than it was three years earlier. This trend comes while Residential energy costs are rising, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

If you choose to heat your house with oil, there are also long-term cost benefits to consider. Over time, the durability of your fuel system will pay for itself. Aside from the dropping prices for heating oil, on average oil furnaces last longer, 30 years compared to gas, which last for about 15.

Also, oil is being produced with additives to help improve the longevity of upgraded furnaces. For example, some heating companies use products such as UltraGuard, an oil additive that cleans and lubricates tanks, clearing them of any residues. In the long run, because of the durability of oil based heating systems, an individual could save money on maintenance fees.

Oil heat burns at 400 degrees resulting in a much cozier atmosphere inside and because it has such a high temperature it allows for better heat throughout the entire house. Oil heating is also much faster than electric. Oil heats up faster and stays warmer longer.

Heating oil can be used for more than just heating your home. With the right system such as water, steam, warm air, or a combination, oil can be used to heat your house, provide hot water, or even warm a pool.

Oil heating systems are especially suitable for rural homes because containers are portable, and you can store a considerable amount when preparing for winter.

Heating oil is much safer than the alternatives, and isn’t explosive like gasoline. You can drop a match into it, and that match would extinguish just like if it were dropped into water. The inhalation of fumes from oil is also not fatal. When an oil system malfunctions there are clear warnings such as soot, while if gas malfunctions it is silent and deadly.

Oil heating is environmentally friendly. The new biofuel heating oil causes less pollution than its predecessors, according to Oil heat burns 95% cleaner than it did in 1970 and continue to get cleaner. It is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and biodegradable. Because oil heating systems have improved some much over the past century, there are no longer puffback or soot problems. Oil has above a 90% efficiency rating and burns about 16% more efficiently than gas.

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