Stay Cool in Toms River (Air Conditioners Not Required)

Get your fresh produce at Toms River Farmers Market

Usually this blog is full of tips about air conditioners and heating units, but being that we are a family owned business, we thought it would be nice to present you with some activities that you and your family can fill your time with these next few months. Because, when you live at the Jersey…

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Is Your Home AC Blowing Warm Air? And Other Common Cooling Problems

Preventing an AC/HVAC Emergency

Air conditioners are meant to make our lives more comfortable, which they usually do…that is until that dreaded day you see a leak, the unit fails to start or you feel you home ac blowing warm air. Summer’s on the way and temperatures are about to soar, which means that you’ll be relying on your…

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What Is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating | Air Conditioners

Air conditioners adhere to a standard of efficiency rating called the seasonal energy efficiency rating (or ratio) to determine the performance of the equipment. Governed by U.S. law, the SEER is defined as the total cooling output (in Btu) provided by the unit during its normal annual usage period divided by its total energy input…

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Learn the Secret to Buying the Right Air Conditioner

Purchasing An Air Conditioner

These days, there are so many AC units out there, that choosing the right one can be confusing and a challenge. It all begins with the basics. Does your New Jersey home require a central HVAC unit or maybe a ductless unit? From there, other options must be taken into consideration. With so much to…

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