What’s the Big Deal with a Smart Thermostat, Anyway?

Smart Thermostat

The idea of using a smart thermostat to optimize energy usage is nothing new. But, perhaps you’re wondering: why they’re so special, and whether you should buy one. You’ve heard it before: upgrading to a smart thermostat can save you money on energy bills. But maybe what you haven’t realized is that they will give…

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Figuring Out the Best Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter Months

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

The power of social media has been able to graciously connect people from all around the world and with this connection, inevitably comes mass debates. One debate that has been boggling the Internet is the best ceiling fan direction in winter months to conserve precious energy and keep us comfortable. Normal Directions Of A Ceiling…

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Finding the Perfect Temperature

Programmable Thermostat

Are you constantly too warm or too cold regardless of how you set your thermostat? Constant adjusting of the thermostat can be costly, and utilizing a programmable thermostat like the Nest can save you money. According to our heating and cooling industry experts at Point Bay, the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems is…

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