Common Home Problem: Indoor Air Quality & Mold

image of a house with a stethoscope depicting mold and indoor air quality

Aside from obvious health issues, when your home is invaded by mold, several problems can arise, including repairs, mold removal, and the impact on your indoor air quality. This article discusses indoor air quality and mold and what options you have available if you experience mold growth inside of your home.

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Portable Dehumidifier Vs. Air Conditioner: Which Is Best?

humid house and woman in front of fan

Are you becoming concerned about high levels of humidity in your home? Do the health risks and damages that come with this humidity concern you? In this article, we summarize the differences between a portable dehumidifier and an air conditioner. This way, you can choose which device is best to dehumidify your home. 

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How Does My AC Remove Humidity In My House?

high humidity in home and indoor air quality

Anyone who lives in an area that experiences high temperatures or damp weather has felt humidity before. Humidity outdoors is bad enough, but inside the home, it can lead to a myriad of problems. If you think you have high humidity in your house, read the tips found in this article.

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