Common AC Issues That Homeowners Come Across

When the temperature starts to warm up, your air conditioner will offer relief from the outdoor temperatures. If you are like most people, you are going to turn it on expecting it to work well because it did last season. Unfortunately, this always isn’t the case. It is not uncommon for an air conditioner that was working well last season to run a bit warmer than it should. In most cases, it is a prevalent issue that air conditioners experience.

Toms River HVAC technicianWhen you notice that your air conditioner isn’t running correctly, it is best to contact a professional to assess the situation. More than likely, you will do a Google search for “local HVAC contractors” or “residential HVAC contractors near me.” Also be sure to read their HVAC contractor reviews so that you can find the most reputable air conditioning company in the area.

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Below, you will learn a bit about common air conditioning issues that homeowners experience.

Common Central Air Conditioner Issues In NJ

User Error With HVAC Systems

In most cases, air conditioning issues don’t have anything to do with the unit itself. However, improper user operation can cause some problems.

Improper HVAC Thermostat Settings

thermostatIf you keep your thermostat set too warm or too cold, your air conditioner will turn on and off more frequently. This kind of overuse can cause the compressor to fail sooner than it should. For those who tend to keep their vents closed or their doors and windows open while the AC is working, it will cause the compressor to work overtime. If you catch a problem like this early, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you don’t pay attention or address the issue, you could end up needing to replace your air conditioning system sooner than you should.

Improper Central Cooling System Maintenance

A common cause of air conditioner breakdowns is inadequate maintenance. Not only can avoiding routine maintenance cause a failure, but it will also cause the unit to operate inefficiently. It is essential that you change the filters regularly. If you do not change them frequently, the air conditioner will become dirty. A dirty air conditioner can result in problems with the compressor and the condenser. Also, if there is excess dirt in the unit, it can clog the condensate drain or plate.

When something like this happens, you would need to hire a heating and cooling technician to clean the unit. They would also need to inspect the AC to determine whether or not the clogged drain has caused damage to the A./C unit. In some cases, a clogged drain or plate can cause the unit to short out. In other cases, it can cause the coil to leak or freeze. Along with regular filter changes, you should have your air conditioner cleaned by a professional and tuned up at the beginning of the cooling season.

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Incorrect Home Air Conditioner Sizing

air conditioner condenserWhen it comes to installation, the most common issue is installing the wrong size AC. HVAC systems are not one size fits all. Before having an air conditioner installed, you should contact a technician to calculate the size unit that you would need. Many factors go into finding the correct size for the home.

When specific factors are determined, including the home’s square footage or the number of windows in the home, the HVAC tech can recommend the best size unit for your needs. If the AC is too small or too large, it won’t work efficiently. In some cases, the air conditioner will wear out before it has reached its maximum lifespan.

Home HVAC System Repair Work

Installation errors are not the only issues that AC units can experience. If the air conditioner is in need of a repair and a homeowner does not schedule them in time, it can cause issues. For example, if the unit has a refrigerant leak, the air conditioner will need a refrigerant recharge to get it up and running again.

For an AC to work correctly, it needs to have the right amount of refrigerant. If you notice an issue with your AC unit, you should contact a reputable HVAC company who hire technicians with an HVAC contractors license in your area as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could experience a very costly breakdown. If you choose a company with a poor reputation, you could end up regretting it when you start having problems again soon in the future.

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It is vital that you choose certified technicians to install your AC unit and also to maintain it yearly. Doing so is the best way to prevent common AC issues and to pinpoint them if they have already occurred.

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