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toms river heating and cooling technician doing a repairFinding the right HVAC contractor for your home can be an incredibly daunting task. If you don’t know what you need, how can you choose a reliable heating cooling company? Two, simple factors can help you with your decision. First, find out if the company hires HVAC technicians that have appropriate licenses, such as a NATE certification. Next, find out if these technicians have several years of experience in the field.

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As Toms River’s most trusted HVAC repair company, some of the services we supply are AC system installations, furnace repair, AC maintenance, and HVAC repairs, among many other things. We also offer fast fuel delivery services. Call us now to set up your appointment. We provide in-home consultations for free. Additionally, we offer free second opinions on estimates that have been provided by other HVAC companies. We service the greater Toms River NJ area and also other, surrounding locations.

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How To Use Your Landscaping To Lower Your Home Energy Costs

large shade treeLike many homeowners, you probably don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about your HVAC system when landscaping. Due to this fact, you might be surprised to discover that vegetation can help improve the overall efficiency of your home heating and cooling equipment.

There are several techniques that you can use to maximize the efficiency of your cooling system while lowering your energy bills. This article is going to discuss a few of these strategies so that you can use them when doing your spring planting.


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Plant Shade Trees

Much like it feels a lot cooler beneath the shade of a tree on a hot and sunny day, trees can guard your home against the sun’s intense heat. Moreover, the moisture that the leaves on these trees release into the air around your house can lower indoor temperatures by as much as six degrees.

The Department of Energy states that homeowners can save as much as $250 annually by strategically placing shade trees around their homes.

To get optimum benefits from your shade trees, remember the following points:

  • To have any significant impact on the indoor environment, you will need to plant trees that are tall enough to cover the windows and roof of your home.
  • The rays of the sun often beat on the western and southern sides of the home for the most extended portion of the day. These are the areas in which shade trees are going to have the most significant impact, especially when you plant deciduous trees. Moreover, these trees will allow the winter sunlight to heat the interior of your home up when the weather grows cold.

To prevent any roof issues, avoid planting your trees too close to your home. Depending upon the actual size of your house, try leaving a space measuring between 10 and 20 feet between the treeline and the exterior walls of the building.
When trees are not a practical solution, vines and shrubs are perfectly acceptable alternatives.


Keep Your Condenser Clear Of All Foliage

outdoor AC condenserIf you have not already done so, there’s a strong chance that you’ve thought about planting a few shrubs right near your air conditioner’s outside unit or the condenser. You never want to block the airflow across the condenser’s coils. This step is as simple as making sure that there’s a clearance of about two to three feet on every side. This clearance ensures that the leaves of any nearby foliage do not become a part of the pattern of airflow.

Along with this same line of thinking, be sure to clean the area around your condenser to eliminate leaves, twigs and other organic debris or solid objects. Be sure to keep the grass in this area short as well. You should make sure that your AC unit is off before you start cutting. You should additionally make sure that this unit is accessible to your HVAC repair near me.

Get Good Ground Cover

You can strategically plant bushes, vines, and shrubs around your home to keep the ground shaded, beautify the property, and enhance the overall efficiency of your air conditioner.

Shading the driveway, sidewalks, and pavement is a particularly useful strategy for dramatically reducing the amount of heat that’s reflected in the home. Use plants that tend to spread rapidly. However, they must be hearty enough to survive once the rainy season is gone.

Plant A Garden On Your Rooftop

Even with shade trees protecting your home from the heat, a garden roof can still have a significant impact on the efficiency of your AC. It’s vital to note that this is a mostly vegetative layer that you cultivate on your roof. It absorbs heat from the sun through a process known as evapotranspiration. Green roofs additionally insulate buildings and can extend the lifespans of roofs themselves. If your ceiling does not have an excessively steep slope, then think about planting a rooftop garden. It can help diminish your HVAC spending by as much as 50 percent.

Your Heating & Cooling System

Now is the best time to start planning a landscape design that will produce real energy savings. When you implement these strategies correctly, they’ll significantly increase the overall efficiency of your home HVAC equipment. A more efficient system has a longer lifespan as well. With this in mind, why not add regular HVAC tune-ups to this plan? Regular maintenance is a great way to keep your heating and cooling equipment in top condition.

Vehicles need regular servicing to continue running reliably. Likewise, AC systems require this same level of attention if they’re to remain at peak performance.

This reason is why you should have your system inspected by a professional. After all, you’d never set out on a road trip without checking your vehicle first, right? Be sure to align yourself with top-rated HVAC contractors near me.

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Schedule your AC tune-up now. Doing so at this time will ensure that this equipment is performing like it should when the temperatures start to rise. It will additionally allow this system to create a comfortable, enjoyable environment indoors. It won’t have to overwork while lowering your spending on home energy. Also, make sure that you schedule repairs when your AC indicates that it needs it. Scheduling a tune-up, home AC repair near me, and heating repair when necessary helps prevent high HVAC repair costs that occur with poorly maintained systems or systems that are neglected.

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