Upgrading Your Heating System

The heating system in your home is a workhorse that tirelessly pumps out hot air day and night to keep you and your family warm and comfortable, even during the coldest winters. This home hero goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. Sometimes, that “something” is so major that it requires you to consider a heating system upgrade. This blog post discusses these situations.

What To Expect When Getting An Upgrade

american standard furnace upgradeWhen discussing the installation of any new or upgraded HVAC system, you should look at this project as an investment in your home. Adding an American Standard gas furnace to your home adds substantial value to your property. You are investing in comfort, energy savings, and the environment.

There are some scenarios that will prompt the need to upgrade your gas furnace.

For homes that have an old furnace…

The lifespan of gas furnaces are typically around 15 years. However, this varies greatly. The factors that play a role in HVAC lifespans and the comfort that they provide are:

  • Frequency of annual tune ups
  • Quality of original equipment installed
  • Original sizing
  • Additions made to home since the original HVAC was installed
  • Modifications made to the HVAC system during its lifespan

For homes that have the wrong sized gas furnace…

Furnace system mismatches do not operate efficiently. When they are replaced with a properly sized system, homeowners can expect energy savings upwards of 35% per year. These kinds of savings can amount to hundreds of dollars per year in your pocket. Homes upgrading from a 75 – 80 efficiency rating can expect savings of approximately 33% on their energy bill when installing a new American Standard furnace.


One of the best features of American Standard gas furnaces is the comfort difference. The innovative control board that is placed in the newer models can properly heat your home without making your home feel like 95 degrees.

The two-stage gas valve system perfectly regulates how much gas should be released in order to heat your home without over-heating it. These gas valves not only play a part in energy savings, but also a huge part in properly heating your home to comfortable levels.

What Makes American Standard Furnaces Different?

couple enjoying new heaterThese gas furnaces don’t require metal intake pipes for the air flow in your home. They are sealed combustion units. This means outside air is used in the combustion chamber. You do not need to worry about combustion problems with an American Standard product for this reason, which makes them extremely safe.

The outdoor compressor units that attach to the gas furnace on the inside are very efficient. Some models like the Platinum series have two compressors, which allow for a high speed and a low speed fan. The high speed allows for fast heating, while the low speed allows for a more gradual heating.

The benefit of having two compressors is better humidity control. When a unit is operating on a low speed, they can control the humidity much better than a high speed. But if your house needs to be heated fast, the high speed can crank the heat up quickly. Then switch to a low speed in order to remove humidity.

American Standard is the most reliable brand for HVAC equipment out there…

and that is why we use them. They have consistently been ranked number one by Consumer Reports for years now.

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Heating System Upgrades FAQs:

How long does it take to install an upgraded heating system?

As long as your duct work is intact and no additional duct work is needed to be installed, installation lasts less than a day. Some technicians we have can finish an installation in as little as 4 hours. Depending on the size of your house and the size of your unit(s), installation can take between 4-10 hours.

Will my house be without heat if an upgrade is needed during the winter? If so, how long will it be cold in my home?

If your house requires an upgrade, you will be without heat for about a day. However, if your system is no longer working prior to the upgrade, by the end of the installation you will be back to having heat in your home. From the 4-10 hours the technician will be working on your unit, you will probably need to wear an extra sweatshirt or two.

The existing heating system in my basement is jammed into an area with very little room. Will the upgraded system fit in the same space?

Definitely. Our newest systems are even smaller than our previous models. Our previous models were around 40 inches tall, and our new models like the Gold S9V2 are 34 inches tall. American Standard understands the importance of space in your home, and worked to make these new systems as compact as possible. Let’s say your model is ten years old. The production of new furnaces are smaller and smaller.

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